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  1. Ads Prices
    • Text link for 1 month – $10.00 – Buy Now
    • Bold Text link for 1 month – $15.00 – Buy Now
    • Underline Text link for 1 month – $15.00 – Buy Now
    • Italic Text link for 1 month – $15.00 – Buy Now

  2. Web site facts:
    • On average, the sponsored link receive over 2,000,000 impressions monthly. You can always check the page views statistic here. Statistic is usually updated every hour.

    • The best eye catching ads with an intriguing description can get many clicks through daily.
    • Every text link advertiser has an equal opportunity as the order of links builds randomly on each page, so every link has the same chance to be on top of the list.
    • Links and banners rotation starts and ends at midnight EST, same as daily page view statistic.
  3. Link Requirements
    • Link Title length – up to 24 characters including spaces.
      “Link Title” is text what the visitor sees on the page i.e. “Click me now

    • Link Description Length – up to 150 characters including spaces.
      “Link Description” is text that visitors see when cursor moved over “Link Title” i.e. “Best place for entertainment!”

  4. Do and Don’t.
    • We do accept links to adult and erotic sites that fit within specific parameters.
    • We do accept direct affiliate links that include affiliate ID and do not use redirection.
    • We do not accept link with redirections.
    • We do not accept links and description with profanity language and repeated words.
    • We do not accept any links to websites with extreme content including but not limited: underage, bestiality, necrophilia, coprophilia, snuff, extreme BDSM, etc.
    • We do not accept any links to websites with content including but not limited: racists, hate, malicious and pirate software, etc.
    • We review all landing pages and websites for appropriate content BEFORE we accept the ad.
    • We reserve the right to refuse links any web site that is not appropriate based on review by our moderator. If payment was made before ad approval – we will send full refund.
    • Please note that we also randomly review ads during the campaign period. If we determine that landing page/website content was changed to include the restricted content after the ad was placed on our site – the ad will be subject to the immediate removal and no refund will be issued.
    • If you are not sure if your site content fits our rules, please contact us with website URL for preapproval BEFORE buying.

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