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Cherry had been on-line for a year meeting female mistresses and slaves. She had a longing for years to be a slave to another female, especially a black lady, but was afraid to commit. She had a daughter starting college this year and a mother who lived in town. She couldn’t afford the risk. At [...]


I went to the casino with 3 of my buddies one Friday night. It was something different to do than the usual bar-hopping and skirt chasing. I took fifty bucks, figuring that on some Fridays, I spent more than that on drinks, food, and drinks for women who never seemed to be home after that. [...]


Carolyn didn’t really fit in at college. She’d been excited to go for weeks beforehand. She thought she was ready for a new adventure. High school had been so confining, so strange. College was where she would make some real friends, read some good books, really explore the world. But, two weeks in, it was [...]


Timing is everything. This time Mother Nature cooperated beautifully. It was Super Bowl weekend. My wife, Bonnie is not big on football, but I seldom miss a good game. Our compromise is that I get to stay home and watch the game with a couple of my friends while Bonnie and a couple of her [...]


Today started like any other day. I woke up early and threw on my suit and tie and rushed out the door. Let me back up a bit. I work at a bank downtown and take the train to work each day for about a 45 minute ride. I am a young professional 32 years [...]


As the new school year progressed Ron assigned the two eager for more power beavers to put together an assertive classroom management program. Jill and Kelly were given the curriculum review challenge. It quickly became evident one after school work session per week with the four of them would make little progress. Half of Alaina’s [...]


The area around Escher Wyss-Platz in Zurich’s west at four thirty on a Saturday morning is not a good place for a woman on her own. There are too many young guys with too much testosterone, alcohol and illegal substances in their bloodstream. It’s still more than two hours to go until the first tram [...]


My name is Mark Adams and I live in the north part of Atlanta, GA. I am 39 years and a widower, my wife having died two years ago from ovarian cancer. I have a very successful real estate business, primarily selling North Georgia Mountain homes and acreage. I am 6’3″ and weigh 225, having [...]


CHAPTER 1 I was almost there. I found it hard to believe this was going to happen, but my breasts were tingling with anticipation. My panties were damp. I had passed the main gate and was now driving up a curving drive through deep woods. The sunlight struggled through the trees and dappled the road. [...]


“Hey Jenny, you made it!” Cara exclaimed as I walked through the patio gate towards the gathering of other women near the pool. Even though I had known Cara for years, I was still pretty nervous showing up as the only straight girl attending a hot summer day pool party with a group of her [...]


It’s funny how seemingly rational people can scare themselves silly over the most ordinary things. You take public toilet seats, for instance. If you could put a hidden camera in the average washroom stall, you’d see people obsessively wiping the seat before sitting down, attempting to cover it completely with toilet paper to prevent their [...]


When I first revealed my cuckold desire to Patty I didn’t know how she would react. Based on her previous statements made over the life of our relationship I suspected she wouldn’t appreciate my preferences. * * * * * I quickly discovered that my woman was more adaptable than I ever imagined. She has [...]


Wow Lola, What a thrill is it to get your emails. I always get a double delight from them. The first thrill is just reading them and getting turned on. Your ideas always dampen my pussy. The second joy is reading them to poor Aaron and watching his face get beet red, knowing I’m telling [...]


Rob my now boyfriend, likes both my sister Alexandria and me, and when I was away last year he dated Alex a couple of times, although purely platonically. Alex was always quieter than me and never had as many boy friends, so she often came with us to the movies, or out on a picnic, [...]


I’m not a faggot; let’s get this straight right now. I’m not queer and never was. In fact in high school and in college we guys when approached by a fairy would make arrangement to meet him in the alley, presumably to let him give us a blow job, but in stead we would beat [...]


On our vacation we traveled to Sorrento. What a lovely city. We stayed on a hill overlooking the bay in this beautiful hotel with a balcony that hangs out over the mountain looking straight down to the ocean. Both Lisa and I like to hike, so we started out early in the morning heading down [...]


It was another hard day at the office, I was pretty much frustrated with everything and thought I’d be better off if I just left work early and got away for a while. So I decided to leave and take a drive. While I was out I thought I would stop by and visit with [...]


Becka moaned softly and snuggled closer to Bobby. His hand was gently squeezing her hot, moist little snatch through her tight fighting jeans. Her tender young breasts felt full and confined encased as they were in her brassiere. She ached to release them from their confinement and to let Bobby lick and suck on them [...]


My name is Damien and my wife’s name is Debbie. We married early in life and our kids have just moved away. I have a good job that supports us while my wife looks after the home. We are a social couple and our friends often visit us. Now that Debbie has more time on [...]


It started as a joke. “Free pussy shaving, free cock shaving.” I had just opened my unisex hair salon and figured it would be good for a laugh although I did have visions of shaving a pussy or two in the summer for bikinis. It was Friday evening and Lyn and Cecila were waiting for [...]


Before I start you have to understand that neither my husband nor I had any intention or even conversation about swinging before this vacation. We’ve been married now for 10 years and have two kids. As most couples with kids and jobs after a family vacation there wasn’t much time or money left over for [...]


CHAPTER ONE Pamela was a bitch. Pure and simple. Rich, beautiful, sensuous, but a bitch pure and simple. Born wealthy in lower Connecticut, married to a wealthy man that she used up, then fucked royally in a nasty divorce, now single and on the prowl again. She liked bars. Fancy yuppie bars where she could [...]


Chapter 1 Karen stretched, looking at her naked body in the Cheval mirror by the bed. She smiled as she watched herself gently stroke her breasts, the nipples just starting to respond to her touch. She hoped that Gary would not be too long in the bathroom. She glanced again narcissus like at her lovely [...]


A lot of gay guys are into wrestling. My college roommate was; the body contact turned him on and I guess that motivation contributed to his success on the wrestling team. That was before Nautilus machines, and he and his teammates used to use each other as live weight for exercises, partly because wrestlers have [...]


My two girlfriends and I sat at a long lab table in the last row of the crowed high school freshman science class. We were so bored we could scream. Finally, Tina, who was sitting in the middle, whispered, “Hey, wanna have some fun?” “Sure,” I said. “What’s up.” “Let’s play dare,” she said. “OK,” [...]


I was married to my ex husband when I was not quite 16, my mother was my only parent; my dad left us when I was three. My mother signed for me to get married because she liked my husband-to-be and felt he would take care of me better than her on a waitress’ salary. [...]


The following information has been prepared for men who wish to consider adding MFM sexual pleasures to their sensual life. It is the basic premise of this piece that the reader has already decided to open himself to the pursuit of threesome adventures. I sincerely hope these thoughts will benefit you as you plan ways [...]


I had met you, Ronnie, in the office and, while you were getting coffee, I had a quick look in your diary and was not really surprised to find references to a whole new personality. You seemed to have a feminine side which you referred to as ‘Jacquie’. I smiled to myself. With your delicate [...]


I lay on my back on the hospital bed, drowsy and warm, recovering from some minor surgery or something. It was dark, the middle of the night shift. The door to my room was ajar, and now and then someone walked by on quiet feet. A nurse came out of the darkness, all in white, [...]


I looked out into the early Saturday morning light as my taxi took me the short distance from Peter’s house where I had spent the night to his office. I thought over the events of the previous evening and night (for the story see ‘Peter and Louise’). They had proved an extremely rewarding young couple [...]


I tried to stifle another yawn and looked at my watch. It was 03:30. “Damn,” I thought to myself, “another hour before my tour is over.” I got up from behind the desk, and walked towards the office door. I opened it and looked up and down the dark corridor. There is nothing as boring [...]


“Looks like we may have a new DZW.” My ears perked up. “What’s the difference between a DZO and a DZW?” Of course the inevitable joke was to follow. Somebody took the bait. “I don’t know, what?” “Nothing. They both get fucked by a bunch of skydivers.” I chuckled along with the guys, not so [...]


In the stories I’ve read, husbands are always willing and eager to share their wives with another man. The wives always still look like high school cheerleaders, and all will abandon their good sense, morals and inhibitions upon first sight of a big stiff cock, especially a black one. All black men have thick ten- [...]


Well it finally happened, and not at all like I ever imagined or fantasized it would happen. What, you ask am I talking about diary? Until yesterday, I had never cheated on my husband of 21 years. For that matter, he is the only man I have ever had sex with in my life, since [...]


My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I love her dearly. She is very quiet and well mannered. That is precisely why the things I learned about her dark side surprised me. For example, little did I know, when we married two years ago, that she had this fantasy of being shared [...]


Rades was born into a family all belonging to the Builders cast, there had never been any question that he too would join the ranks of the same cast one day, and he had. Rades was skilled as few with a knife, wood came to life under his skilled hands, he knew how to use [...]


Rades was born into a family all belonging to the Builders cast, there had never been any question that he too would join the ranks of the same cast one day, and he had. Rades was skilled as few with a knife, wood came to life under his skilled hands, he knew how to use [...]


Spring was coming to the Piedmont as I traveled northward. It was 1781 and the news was not good. Cornwallis was busily rousing the loyalists in the Carolinas; Arnold was rumored to be on his way to Virginia, and I still had a long way to go to get back to my company up on [...]


INTRODUCTION: Ivan was a most unusual Marriage Guidance Counselor. He was independently wealthy due to a very fortunate Inheritance from his Great-Uncle. Ivan was his only surviving relative and benefited hugely from his Great-Uncle’s wonderful business skill. Since Ivan knew that he had no commerce skills at all, every company he inherited was sold before [...]


I was angry at my husband. We had just finished celebrating our 4th anniversary with a nice dinner and a bottle of champagne. We had put our young twin girls to bed and started a very definitely X-rated evening when the phone rang. It was the hospital. A school bus returning from a late basketball [...]


It was Halloween night and my wife Cathy and I had made plans to attend a costume party that was put together by a couple of guys that I worked with. We went a few days earlier to see about getting some costumes and I decided that I would go as the “Phantom of the [...]


Newlywed Norma Miller stepped out on her balcony, pouting and sniffing, feeling sorry for herself. Her husband of two weeks had hardly glanced at her this morning when she had worked extra hard to look good, hoping he would take a few minutes to give her what she needed, sexual satisfaction, a fierce quickie, the [...]


Holly drove through the upscale neighborhood of Richmond Hill on her way home from school. After climbing a half-mile up the gently curving residential road, she pulled into the parking area in front of the garage to her family’s two-story home. Slinging her book bag over her shoulder after she exited the car, she slammed [...]


A spur-of-the-moment comment while my wife and I were making love led to our first threesome. Though we have never repeated it, we both enjoyed it immensely. She was riding me cowgirl and we started to talk about fantasies. “I would love to see you fuck another man,” I told her. That was the truth. [...]


It was a Saturday morning. My husband of one year and I were sitting outside on the patio on a beautiful day. Out of the blue, without warning, he asked me if I wanted to try swinging. I was shocked and, without thinking or even blinking, my right hand found its way to slapping him. [...]


University was a great time for me. Staying away from home forced me to make friends and make friends I did. We learned a lot, of course, but we drank a lot, partied a lot, smoked a bit of weed and had fun. English university life is a play hard, work hard environment. Many late [...]


Alan, my husband of 21 years, has lately been giving off hints that he thinks he has missed something in life by getting married so young and staying faithful so long. I don’t think he missed a thing by being married to me. At least, I didn’t used to think so, but now I know [...]


I love my job: team lead and sometimes site manager. I love the hours that let me do my shopping when there is no hassle, unlike the crowded weekends. I love the feeling of being cocooned in a secret world where only our voices count. I love the call center. In Manila now four hundred [...]


Rather than bore you, the reader, with all of the details leading up the following occurrences, I will attempt to give you a summary. During the early 1980′s my first wife and I were growing farther and farther apart. A major role in this was my taking an executive level job helping start a major [...]


I am Claire Simpson, a widow on the verge of middle age. My husband, Dave, the love of my life, died in an airplane accident seven years ago. I have two lovely children, both in grade school, and a more than comfortable income. I work part time as a reference librarian at the university library, [...]


Penny was from Nebraska and even though she looked innocent and just like the “Girl Next Door” she was anything from that! After her break-up with Leonard she drifted from one guy to another, mostly hard bodies, but dumb as dirt and as she had told Leonard on several occasions; “You rat bastard, I was [...]


Ordinarily I wouldn’t have been upset by my husband’s infidelity. After all we had never been monogamous and both of us enjoyed the excitement of an extramarital flirtation. We had enjoyed dabbling in the swinging scene and visited a couple of clubs. He was turned on by my adventures with other men and encouraged me [...]


For months I have been admiring one of my black female co-workers named Brandi. I have been especially drawn to her gorgeous “Bubble Butt” I love watching her walk around the office swinging that ass as she walks. The sight of her gets my juices flowing. On several occasions I have complimented her on her [...]


There exists more than one plane of existence. Most people don’t realize this, but it is true. The densest layer of reality is the one we usually live in, the one in which you are probably sitting in, reading this. The material world. This is the world of banks and bills and President Bush`s continued [...]


My lover and I are in an interracial relationship. He is an Asian man from Mandalay. And I am a Hispanic mixed female from Puerto Rico. He and I have gone through a lot in our relationship. We have even disagreed so many times and have argued. But the sex between us has always been [...]


With out too much thought I headed to the highway to hitch hike home. I caught a ride real quick. When I climbed in the car I saw the driver was an older white male. As soon as we started driving he started hitting on me. I was comfortable with it. I had been hitch [...]


Nancy, one of Dr. Vishnu’s assistants took June into one of the exam rooms in the back. “Ok, now get undressed and we’ll put you on the heat massage table.” Nancy said pleasantly.

June stripped down to her chemise and pantyhose and started to lie down on the table.

“Wait a minute,” Nancy said, “we are going to use a new procedure that requires that you remove all your clothing and I need you to drink this.” She handed June a cup with what looked like orange juice.


The two girls spent a good amount of time talking about their new appearances and then they moved on to grades and classes and dorm life and finally, as Jackie was finishing her ice cream sundae, Sara put down her cup of coffee and lit up a cigarette.


I had just turned 18 and I was in a Job Corps center in a major northwest city. One Friday night I decided to wander around downtown. As I walked the streets I found myself on a street that was full of adult bookstores. I decided to try and get in some. The first few I walked into I was ejected.


A couple of years ago I was driving on a long stretch of road and had to pee really badly. I pulled into a road side car park with a restroom. I noticed an older guy in his car next to were I pulled in, who appeared to be looking at a porn magazine. I [...]



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