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Betty and Veronica
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I had been a “fan” of Betty on for over a year.We had been sending each other light emails and she would occasionally grace me with photos . I had become like Pavlovs dog: every time I saw she was online I would get hard (and sit up and beg for more pictures). Distance was the problem… 1, 000 miles.

Then my sister moved to Texas; insisted on a visit; and booked me a flight.I came when I saw the first layover!

I emailed Betty and asked her if she’d like to meet for dinner and she said she’d pick me up at the airport outside arrivals.

I stood outside of the terminal for twenty minutes wondering if she had changed her mind, when she pulled up at the curb in this classic convertable and wisked me away!

From what I could see Betty looked hot.Her long legs were wrapped in black stockings that ran up to her overcoat and she had a silky red shirt and a string of pearls showing at the neck.

“Where are we eating?” I asked, feeling slightly under-dressed and very self-conscience of my hard-on.

“There’s a great place at the Sheraton, they’ll lend you a jacket if you need one” Betty answered, reading my mind.

When we arrived at the hotel she took my hand and led me through the lobby, past the restaurant, and straight to the elavators! We started kissing on the way up, and I would have taken her right there, but she kept brushing me off.

“Please James, patience” she semi-moaned in her sexy southern drawl

I was already leaking when she swiped the card to let us into the room…

Betty walked into the hotel room dropping her overcoat on the floor. She was a petite blonde in her sixties who oozed sex appeal.Her black stockings ran up to a pretty black skirt and her red satin blouse was almost see through, my attetion drawn immediately to her nipples popping through.

“Take your clothes off” she commanded as I closed the door behind me. I complied.

I stood there stark naked, hard as a rock with cum leaking from me for a full two minutes, while she, still fully clothed, took me in. She then walked over, and taking me by my erection like a leash, walked me to the bed and pushed me back on it.

“Will you trust me? “, she asked, licking me off her hand, as she pulled several lengths of cord from the dresser drawer. My brain was slightly apprehensive, but my erection, ready to explode for an hour now, was in command.

” Whatever you want” I heard myself moan.

Betty tied me to the bed. She stopped on hear way to the mini bar to Finally take me in her mouth. God it was delicious! She brought me moaning to the very edge of climax. I was begging her to get on me!

“Patience my sweet”, she said coming back from the mini bar and staddling my chest. She had a drink in one hand and between her thumb and forefinger in the other a small pill. I laughed.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing THAT.”

“You will before WE’RE through with you tonight, honey”…

Betty walked to the door connecting us to the next room and gave a light knock before opening it.

“There’s someone I want you to meet.” she said, as her friend walked into the room.”Veronica flew up from Florida this morning just to meet you”

Veronica stood just inside the doorway, her skin pure white standing out against a black silk teddy. She looked to be in her early seventies, and not quite sure what to make of the naked younger man tied to the bed. It was when Betty came back to the room with the video camera that I realized how wrong I was.

Betty had one hand on the camera and one down her skirt as Veronica moved across the room to me and started exploring my body with her mouth.All three of us were moaning and groaning when I started begging Veronica to mount me. She did. I came like a fountain just pouring into her sweet wet pussy. Veronica came .I was completely spent, but Betty had other ideas. With Veronica, (“call me Ronnie sweety, we’re friends now”), manning the camera, Betty spent the next hour stripping for me then covering me and uncovering me with whipped cream. Her magical mouth raising me up and bringing me to climax again. The ladies then, leaving me still tied to the bed, dressed and went for dinner.

The sun was still peeking in around the curtains when I had dozed off.I awoke now, still tied to the bed, naked, in total darkness to the sound of the ladies returning to the other room from dinner. The light through the open doorway softened as I heard them moving around, whispering to each other. I had already awoken in an excited state, but my curiousity and anticipation were driving me wild . My erection, an almost constant state since meeting Betty, was dripping, fully engorged, aching to be inside someone NOW.

Betty came into the room for the camera and tripod, laughing at me in my condition. She has her coat on, but was back in a minute without it. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?

Betty was dressed in a black leather bustier(her snow white breasts just barely contained), black stockings and garter, and black high heel boots running up to her knees. In one hand she had a collar and leash, in the other, a riding crop which she tapped against her thigh.

“We can do this the easy way”, she drawled, “or the hard way” as she slapped the crop lightly across my thighs. I could hardly breath.

“The easy way”I suggested meekly.

“The easy way Mistress! “she demanded hitting me a little harder.

“The easy way Mistress” I replied, bringing a smile to her lips.

She strode to the bed with a purpose, straddled my legs and took me full in her mouth! I was about to explode when she withdrew, and I felt the elastic band snap into place at the base of my erection.It stung, and I ached, full with no release!

“If you behave after I untie you, I might allow you to come later” she whispered as she snapped the second band around the top of my scotum and began to untie me.

“Yes, mistress”, was all I could think to say, as the collar went on and she led me into the next room.

Betty, dressed in her black boots and stockings, led me by the leash into the adjoining room. The room was well lit by dozen large candles the camera in the corner pointed at the scene on the bed: Veronica in a simple black teddy, tied spread-eagle to the four corners with long silk scarves. My cock and balls ached intensely in their constriction. I was mad with desire and didn’t hear Betty speak till after she used the riding crop.

“On your knees slave!” she commanded. Grabbing a handful of my hair she leaned over me.

“Start at her toes and work your way up.” I don’t know how long it was I spent with my hands and mouth on Veronicas quivering body, the whole time Betty running her leather crop over my legs my ass my balls just waiting to strike. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted so badly to bury my face her wet dripping pussy but everytime I got too close whap! the riding crop.

“Beg for it” Betty demanded.

“Please Mistress”, I begged.Betty’s laugh filled the room making me jump.

“Not you slave, the slut under you.”

Veronica, who till then had mostly been gently moans, pleaded.

“Please Mistress “, she moaned, “let him eat me.”

“Very well”was Betty’s reply.

I began to kiss my way up her thigh, missing nothing, I took her clit between my lips and sucked. I felt her squirming about as I sucked her, her body struggling against her bonds rising up to my mouth. I stopped when I heard her gasp, and began to lick her with long slow strokes of my tongue, again the squirming, this time she pushed herself hard at my mouth, my tongue went as deep into her wetness as it would go. As Veronicas body shuddered under my mouth, Betty grabbed hold of my shaft, I paused as she snapped off the bands that held me at bay!

“Fuck her, slave.Fuck her hard!”, Betty demanded, giving me a stinging crack on my ass with her crop.

I wasted no time jamming my cock into her plush wet pussy. Veronicas body moved under mine while I drove myself deeper and deeper into her.Betty was in the chair her hand in her panties, moaning and driving herself to a frenzy, as Veronica came and I exploded deep inside her warmm luscious box.


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