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Bohemian BBW
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On a recent trip to Europe, I opted to take time off from my busy schedule and take in the sites. It had been several years since I’d been in Europe, and today’s Europe was wide open, no borders! I could jump on the Euro Train and bear witness to the beginning of civilization and culture on Earth. I had business in Budapest, so for now I would be basing out of there. I was tired of work and needed to relax and literally see the world. I wanted old world charm, I was sick and tired of the ole McDonald’s and strip shopping centers in the US and opted for that charm that would capture every sense of my being.

I boarded the rail and headed for Prague, I always wanted to see the Czech Republic and wanted to see the old world of Bohemia, Morovia and Selisia. A Bohemian woman and her knack for art, a gypsy, a soul that could inspire was what I had read, depicted the Bohemian woman. I wanted to meet one, wanted to see her creativity, wanted to sense her independence. What we knew as a Bohemian woman in American culture was a bit mysterious, did she really have a “bohemian attitude” from the old world. I arrived in Prague and quickly set out to the outlying areas. Prague is a magnificent city, but I wanted to meet the people of the outer areas, this was of course the birth area of the Bohemian world. Bohemia had a unique history of birth, existence and being conquered, it was the center of a historical perspective like no other.

Was it possible that I could find people with ancient blood, people who had the blood of old world Rome, Austria, German and still have the Bohemian spirit? I asked some people at the train station about bed and breakfast accommodations in the outer areas, they all told me there were many and that I would enjoy a wonderful holiday if I pursued it. I caught a bus to the outlying area of Karlovy Vary, it was perhaps one of the most gorgeous places I had ever seen and the people were nice, friendly and warm. The women… wow, they were simply gorgeous, their smiles were radiant, teeth blinding white and many possessed curves to die for, big gorgeous BBW curves.

As I settled at a local bed and breakfast, I was directed to a pub just down the road. It was Saturday night and the pub was hopping with people, laughing, smiling, drinking and all having a wonderful time. A certain woman was working and she was gorgeous. She had short hair, one of the beautiful smiles, dancing eyes, breasts and hips and legs with curves like the mountainside I had just seen. I was smitten. her blouse was low cut and she had cleavage that looked like the canyons of Austria, I couldn’t keep my eyes of her. I heard one of her friends call her by name, Karolina.

When she came to my table I asked her if she spoke English, she said yes a little and introduced herself as Karolina. She brought me a meal and beer, and frankly I didn’t want to leave there, I was so attracted to her I just wanted to stare. I saw her removing her apron as if her work shift was ending, and thankfully she didn’t leave, instead joined a group of people as she too laughed and drank beer. She turned to look at me, saw me sitting alone and motioned for me to join her. I quickly went to her and she introduced me to her friends from the small town. We all drank and she invited me to join them at a little restaurant before the night ended. I got to know a little more about her and she told me of living in her town and that she was mother to a young child but had never married.

I was having a hard time keeping my eyes of her boobs, and one time she caught me looking at them, she then grabbed me by the ears and pushed my face into her chest and laughed. One of her friends told me not to be embarrassed that Karolina had what many considered the best looking boobs in town, hell I agreed! I got her phone number and I mentioned I would be in town for a few days and would love to take her out. She told me to give her a call.

I called and we went out for a walk, and I learned even more about Karolina, she looked gorgeous… she wore a loose fitting knee length dress with a slit on one side, her boobs were out there to see and she had those beautiful curves that I was dying to touch. I asked if she traveled much in Europe, and she told me no but had always wanted to. She loved the mountains and wanted to see much more and wanted to see Europe by train. I invited her to travel for a few days with me and see some of the areas, I was going any way and would love for her to join me. She mentioned that she would ask Babicka (grandmother) to watch her child. We planned it and decided to leave early the next morning.

When she arrived at the train station she was wearing jeans, and for the first time I had a good luck at her ass and it was magnificent, round, sexy hips, and each bun moved beautifully as she walked. She was wearing a sweater and her tits looked even bigger then I remembered them, and that smile and teeth… she was gorgeous. We boarded the train, she was a warm person, touchy, so she would hold my arm and hand she was very excited. While we admired the country side (and I admired her tits) every once in a while we would look into each others eyes and kiss. One kiss in particular was very hot, she kissed me hard, used her tongue and thrilled me to no end.

We had wine on the train, and asked me if I had ever made love to a stranger on a train. Hell I told her I’d never been on a train till this trip to Europe. She said, lets play a game, Ill go sit in another car, you come in as if you don’t know me and make a move on me, play with it, see how far it goes. It excited me, so she left, I could see her take a seat in the adjoining train, then I went for it. She sat next to a young man (and he was checking those tits out too) and I sat across the aisle. I made small talk and asked her name, she said Karoline and asked me if I was alone, I said yes and that I was headed for Vienna, she laughed and said that she too was going there.

At one point she reached over and touched my thigh, the guy next to her was beside himself, almost thinking why the hell he hadn’t made a play for her. Then the unexpected… she reached over the aisle kissed my ear with her tongue and whispered, “I will give you 20 minutes to find a place where we can fuck on this train” I got an instant hard on, my face was flushed and I turned to her and gave her a hot kiss. I got up, and walked thru three cars looking to see if I could locate anyplace where we could hide. One of the cars was half for passengers and looked like half for storing, food, alcohol and glasses, in one of the corners was a large cabinet like structure.

I quickly went to get Karolina and took her to that area of the train, it was evening so it was getting dark in the train. We kissed and grabbed at each other. She pushed me a way a little, undid her top and she took out one of her breasts and played with her nipple. I was going nuts. As I went to kiss it and hopefully suck on it, she pushed my head away with her hand and gave me a sexy wicked smile. She lifted a finger and shook it saying no… I must have had a horrible look on my face, because she just laughed, at that moment she took her breast into her own mouth, stared in my face and began to kiss and suck her nipple. I have never seen anything as erotic as that! Not only did she make wonderful smacking sounds, but she was thoroughly enjoying it and enjoying that I was very excited watching her (guess my tongue was hanging out). She held the breast with one hand and with the other reached down to touch my erection and tugged on the zipper as if to tell me to undo my pants. I did and when that ole bad boy came out, it was leaking like crazy. She tugged on it and stroked it as if she was going to get me off, but then leaned over, and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to masturbate for her, but to stare in her eyes as I did so. While I leaned back against the cabinet, stroked my cock and watched her suck her breast and looked at ther eyes occassionally, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

As I got close to orgasm, she stopped my hand, and brushed her breast and nipple on my very wet and bothered swollen cock. She smiled and took my cock into her mouth, took her other breast out, let me play with them and sucked me till I couldn’t see anything but blinking lights, fire (I think it was fire) and the movement of the train. It was magnificent and phenomenal! She zipped me up and we went back to our seats. the next three days, this Bohemian princess with curves to totally dislodge me from sense and conscience, made love to me, disrobed for me, sucked her breasts for me, let me eat her, she ate me and completely left me spent as if I was a useless man on earth!

I had never been so destroyed from sex like this Bohemian mama left me. She was, bar none, the hottest, sexiest, woman I had ever been with. I often think of my Bohemian holiday on that train, If I see the Czech Flag, a train, mountains anything like that if if I spend a Euro, I get a hard on… funny how she left me spent, but craving more and I never found anyone that could do what she did to me!


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