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Cuckold Club
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“So tell me, why do you want your wife to fuck other men?”

Julie and Juan looked at me expectantly. My wife Sheila were sitting in their living room, all four of us relaxing with drinks in hand, while their kids slumbered upstairs. It was a suburban evening like any other, apart from the topic of conversation. I swallowed hard and said,

“I have a small cock. I love my wife, and I realized that I can’t satisfy her by fucking her. I also realized that watching her have incredibly hot sex with another man is a bigger turn-on than fucking her myself and leaving her unsatisfied. It sounds strange, but jerking myself off while watching a stranger fill her up with his cum has become better than any sex we ever had.”

Sheila squeezed my hand and smiled at me. We had been married for four years, and she had been cuckolding me (with my permission and encouragement) for three. I wasn’t lying – it turns me on immensely to watch her with another man, or several, especially if they were well-endowed. One of her regulars had a thick 8-inch cock, twice the size of mine, and I’d get hard just thinking about it stretching out her pussy. In the past year or so, I’d barely fucked my wife – my watching her get fucked was our whole sex life.

Julie knew all about this. In fact, we had gotten in touch with her because of it. After mixed results finding men online for Sheila to fuck, we discovered Julie and her group, and it sounded like just what we needed. She directed her next words to my wife.

“There are only two preliminaries to joining our little club. One is this interview. We want to make sure both members of the couple are willing and enthusiastic. Sometimes one spouse or the other gets cold feet. Sometimes the wife’s just looking to punish the husband, often for past infidelity. That’s really not what our group is about. In all of our couples, the husband either puts his wife’s happiness before his own, or genuinely enjoys watching his wife fuck. It sounds like both in your case.” (I blushed – she was dead right.)

“The second step is the initiation. We get the whole group together – sometimes at someone’s house but usually we rent a club or some similar space. You’ll strip naked in front of everyone, and fuck three of our studs. Beforehand, both of you have to publicly state your willingness and enthusiasm for cuckolding, and afterwards, you’ll be members, with all the privileges that entails – namely a constant supply of well-hung studs, disease-free, who love fucking married women in front of their husbands as much as you love being fucked and you (she nodded to me) love watching. Even apart from the initiation, we have events where wives are fucked in front of a group, but most of the time the guy just shows up at your house and gets down to business.”

My wife spoke up. “About the… um… studs? How…”

“Well hung? They’re all measured 10″ and up – our biggest at the moment is 14.”

Sheila squeezed my hand harder – that 8-incher I mentioned before was the biggest cock she had ever taken, and we often fantasized about a guy who was just huge, stretching her cunt to the breaking point.

“We try our best to screen out assholes – no one’s going to berate you or your husband for doing this, unless of course that gets you off too. Once you’re members, we do have a few requirements – you have to be screened for STDs every three months, and you have to pay monthly dues of $20. It’s a small amount; we usually just use it to buy drinks at the events. Occasionally if we rent out a space we’ll ask for more for that month. We like for the husbands to pay – it shows you’re still happy to be cuckolded – you can give a check or cash to any of the Senior Members.

“None of our studs use condoms – the STD test ensures they’re safe, and most of the wives are on the pill. A few use IUDs, the patch or something similar. Also, the first rule of Cuckold Club is, you don’t talk about Cuckold Club. Actually, you’re welcome to talk about being in the club and encourage others to join, but you’re not allowed to expose the identities of anyone involved. Apart from the Senior Members, most people don’t want the world to know they’re into this.”

Now it was my turn to ask a question. “Who are the Senior Members?”

“My husband and I, and four other couples. We organize events, approve new members, and recruit both couples and studs. Getting to test-drive the new cocks is one of the perks,” she smiled. “We also match up couples with their studs. Basically, we’ll decide who you’ll be fucking most of the time. If you want a start seeing a particular guy regularly, of course you’re welcome to. But you’re also expected to participate in the group events, and at those, it’s always a surprise who you’re going to end up with.”

My wife was trembling with excitement. “How do you get to be one of the Senior Members?”

Juan fielded this one. “We try to make it easy for regular members to join – assuming they’re already into the cuck lifestyle. And you can drop out at any time, take a break, etc. But to be a Senior Member, you have to have the deepest commitment to the cuckold lifestyle. For starters, the husband has to drop any pretense of fucking his wife or otherwise using his cock. And the wife has to devote herself utterly to fucking other men – as many as possible, at least within the confines of the club.”

“But it goes deeper than that. If a couple is interested in Senior Membership, there’s more than a one-night initiation. There’s a long trial period, during which you make a lifelong commitment to cuckolding. To our members, this is as serious as their wedding.

“First, the couple must come out as a cuckold couple – they must tell their families, friends, and neighbors that the wife fucks other men with the husband’s encouragement. The club will assign a stud to be your long-term boyfriend. You must date him publicly – introduce him to both sets of parents, close friends, and anyone else who asks, as your lover. Your husband has to make it absolutely clear to everyone that he encourages this relationship, and that he’s more committed to you than ever. The three of you will go out on dates, with the wife showing affection only to the stud, and the husband deferring to both.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s pretty hardcore.”

“No, that’s the easy part,” said Julia. “To be considered for Senior Membership, there’s a long Trial Period. During the Trial, the husband has to wear a chastity device, to make absolutely sure only other men fuck his wife. One of the Senior Members holds the only key, and it will only be removed when his wife fucks in front of the group.”

I gulped as I thought about my cock being off-limits even to my right hand. At the same time, the same cock I wouldn’t get to touch was rock-hard thinking about taking my cuckolding to the next level.

“As for the wife, before the Trial begins, she must stop using all forms of birth control.” Sheila gasped – it sounded like a mixture of fear and excitement – and Julie continued. “The Trial begins at the beginning of your next fertile cycle, and we hold a group event where the boyfriend fucks you as many times as he can – usually four or five at least. Whether it’s that night, or months later, the stud we assign to you will get you pregnant. Everyone will know he is the father. In fact, we encourage couples to print the real father’s name on their birth announcements.”

She paused to let that sink in, and her husband smiled at the look of shock on our faces. We both wanted kids – lots of them, in fact. We had been talking about trying for two years, but neither of us wanted to go back to our usual, boring sex life, so we kept putting it off. We had actually talked about her getting pregnant by another man, but only as a fantasy – we had never considered it as a serious possibility, or realized anyone else actually did that.

“When the wife is eight months pregnant with her bastard child, her lover will leave the picture, and the baby is her husband’s full responsibility for life. She’ll also stop fucking until a few months after the baby’s born. How long is entirely up to the wife – most women are ready to come back after three months.”

“When the wife is ready to resume, we hold a weeklong event – not every member attends every night, but in the past it’s drawn a sizeable crowd. One of the cuckolded husbands watches the baby for you at home, as your husband watches you get gangbanged by five men. Every night, it’s a different five men, for the seven days in the middle of your cycle. We repeat the event every month until you’re confirmed pregnant. You will not know who the father of your second child is, and we discourage you from finding out.”

“When the second child is born, you would both be Senior Members, with all of the privileges and responsibilities that entails. The wife is given the key to the chastity device to use when she pleases, and future pregnancies are entirely up to her discretion. She’s even allowed to get pregnant by her husband, although I don’t believe anyone’s actually done that.”

I was stunned, but at the same time, my cock was rock- hard and leaking pre-cum all the way to my balls. The idea of it was incredibly hot, but I knew Sheila would never go that far. I looked over at her, expecting her to be in shock, but I was the one who got the shock – she had one hand down the front of her panties, and had been masturbating the whole time Julie had been talking! Her panties were bunched up around her ankles, and from the look of things, she had at least three fingers inside herself.

“So…” she gasped as she continued to frig herself frantically, “your kids…”

“None of them are mine,” said Juan. Instead of any regret, I actually heard a tinge of pride in his voice. Besides having a small cock like you, my family has a history of diabetes and heart trouble, so it’s probably for the best my genes aren’t being passed along. Plus, I’m a true cuckold – as much as I love watching men fuck my wife, there’s nothing more erotic than watching her fertile womb get filled with another man’s sperm, and then watching her belly swell up with his child.”

“And I couldn’t love our kids any more if they were my flesh and blood,” he said, pulling a photo down from a bookshelf behind him and passing it to us. It was recent, and showed the couple with five kids. To my surprise, their brood looked like Angelina Jolie’s! The oldest, a boy of about 10, had blond hair like his mother and freckles – his father was Latino and dark- skinned, so there was no mistaking that he wasn’t Juan’s.

Same with the others – next to him was a light-skinned black girl, 7, with corkscrews of hair cascading around her shoulders. Next came another boy, maybe 6, half- white and half-Asian. Then a 3-year-old boy; I couldn’t tell if his father had been Indian, black, or Latin, but I had a feeling if it was the latter, it wasn’t Juan’s doing. Juan himself held a baby girl in his arms, white again, with red hair. And Julie’s pregnant belly was stretching out a t-shirt that read “Not My Husband’s”, with an arrow pointing down.

“I loved that shirt,” said Juan. “People assumed it was a joke if the other kids weren’t around. I loved the look on their faces when I told them it was true, and I had no idea who the father was. The oldest is from a lover Julie had before we joined the group. The second was from the stud assigned to us. And the rest are all gangbangs – once we did that once, we couldn’t go back.”

Julie smiled at the memory, then turned back to us. “As you may have noticed, the club is a diverse group, and the Senior Members encourage couples to fuck men of all races. Despite the stereotypes you may have heard about black guys, there are plenty of well-hung studs of all races in our group. As you may have noticed, for Senior Membership applicants, you don’t fuck any men the same race as your husband. We wouldn’t want anyone to mistakenly think your husband had gotten you pregnant or anything.”

Clearly, we were out of our depth. I was about to politely tell them we were content to be regular members and leave it at that, but Sheila spoke up first.

“So… once you join, how long do you have to wait before applying for Senior Membership?”

It was Julie’s turn to be shocked. “I don’t think anyone’s ever done that! Although… I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. I suppose if you were really that interested, you could forego the initial gangbang, and start fucking your long-term lover.”

“Oh no,” said Sheila. “I’d want to be fuck three guys just like everyone else. If I have to go back to one lover after that, fine. But I don’t want to miss out on what all of the members go through. Besides, what if, after introducing this man around as my lover, it turned out the baby wasn’t his or my husband’s?”

Sheila resumed masturbating at the thought of this, as Julie laughed. “I think we have a prodigy on our hands! But be warned, having a child, under any circumstance, is a serious commitment. You shouldn’t make a snap decision about this.”

“This isn’t a snap decision. We’ve both wanted to start having kids for years. We’ve talked about having another man get me pregnant. But the right situation hadn’t come along. But this group? We can absolutely do this if there are other couples like you to support us.”

I wondered whether she was even going to consult me. “Honey, I thought we talked about that as a fantasy. You really want to tell your parents and the whole world that you’re letting other men get you pregnant? Do you really want a bunch of kids that don’t look anything like each other?”

“I love the idea of having a multi-racial family. Remember how jealous I was when my sister adopted that baby from Africa? You should love your children because they’re yours, not because of what or who they look like. And maybe this was a fantasy to you, but I’ve been dying to get pregnant for the past two years. And, I’m sorry, but as exciting as our sex life has been these past few years, and as strong as our marriage has been through it, I can’t go back to fucking just you. And I don’t think you can either.”

“I’m still not sure we want to rush into this…”

“I know someone who’s sure — ” With that, she grabbed my hard cock through my pants, and I groaned as I finally spurted an hour’s worth of built-up semen all over my boxers.

“I think you want this as much as I do – you’re just afraid what people will think.” Truth be told, I didn’t have nearly as much to lose as she did. My parents had both passed away a few years ago, and my two closest friends already knew about our lifestyle. They thought it was fucked-up at first, but once they compared their dull twice-a-month routine they had with their wives, they were both a bit jealous. I had contemplated working on at least one of the guys to join the group himself once we were in.

And the more I thought about it, I really didn’t care what our kids looked like. We had fantasized about it often enough that I was pretty mentally prepared – if they were hers, they’d be mine too, and I’d love them no matter what.

“If this is what you really want to do…” I started to tell my wife.

By way of an answer, she turned to Julie. “My period is next weekend, so I can go off the pill and be completely fertile three weeks from today. Can you set something up?”

“You’re completely sure?”

She looked Julie dead in the eyes. “One month from today, I want to be pregnant with a stranger’s baby. And two years from now, I want to be a Senior Member of the Cuckold Club.”

Juan turned to me. “What about you? Are you sure you can handle this?” I’d be lying if I said I was 100% sure, but if my wife wanted it this badly, who was I to say no?

“I can’t imagine anything more erotic than watching a group of guys fuck my wife, fill her fertile womb with their sperm, and make her pregnant. And I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than to have a big family with lots of kids. So why not start right away?”

So that was that. All the way home in the car, Sheila couldn’t stop talking about her initiation. Being fucked by three cocks – at least – maybe three times the size of mine. And having a steady stream of monster-sized cocks for the rest of her life. Finally getting pregnant, watching her belly swell up without knowing who the father is for sure. Then doing it all again, year after year. When we got home, she mentioned a house she had seen on the market with six bedrooms. “Of course, the kids will have to share by the time we’re done. I have 14 years until I turn 40. How does twelve kids by twelve different men sound to you?”

I rubbed my rock-hard little cock through my slimy, cum-soaked shorts. It sounded just fine.



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