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Peeping Tom
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I am a peeping Tom and this is a true story of what happened tome, on June 25, 199*.

I have neighbors that are renting the house next door, and the curtains don’t cover their bedroom window very well.

I went outside around 10:15 and the light came on in their bedroom around 10:30. I went over to their window and looked in, seeing Shannon (the woman) undressing. She was in her mid 20’s, blonde, tall, long tan legs, and very pretty. She had a great body, and that night she had on a white button up shirt and jeans shorts. She took off her shirt and she had on a white lace bra, then took off her bra and her breasts popped out, the nipples were kinda flat but she started scratching the marks that were left by the bra and her nipples got erect. She cupped them, pulled them and played with them as she watched herself in the mirror.. (God I really loved spying on this beautiful woman..)

Then she unbuttoned her jeans and I could see some baby blue panties as she stepped out of her shorts, laying them on her dresser, and then she bent over and slid her panties down her legs. This was in full light, in her bedroom, I could see everything she had, and boy did she have a lot to see. I now had a raging erection, and couldn’t believe my luck when she crawled on all fours on to her bed, got a book from her nightstand, and started reading. (“Leaving the light on”)

She was completely naked, and her blonde pussy hair stood up above her crotch and belly as she laid back and read. She occasionally stroked her stomach and touched her pussy as she read the book. The book didn’t appear to be erotic, she just kinda stroked her nipples and felt her body as she read. Then her husband (Michael) came into the room and started undressing and his cock was semi-hard as he sat on the side of the bed facing the window, and bent backward and kissed her.

He ran his hands over her stomach and then on down to her pussy. He didn’t really stick his finger inside, he just moved it back and forth in the slit. Then he slid it back up her stomach and finished the kiss. He stood up and then went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower and she kept reading.

After about 5 minutes he came out of the bathroom. He was drying his hair, but was nude otherwise. His cock was still semi-hard, and it wasn’t long, but it was very thick. Anyway, he came into the room and reached down and grabbed his cock and pointed it at her, and started crawling on the bed on his knees. When he got to where her head was she kissed the head of his cock. Then they talked for a few minutes.

I couldn’t help myself any longer, knowing what was going to happen, I unzipped my pants and started to jack myself off, slowly, as I watched the scene through the window.

Finally she got up and walked around to the end of the bed, and got on her knees and she reached up with one hand and grabbed the base of his cock and opened her mouth and started licking the head of it. I was freaking out, then she started going up and down it.

His cock wasn’t long but since it was big around she had to really open her mouth wide. There she was, kneeling on the floor, naked, and he was now laying back on his elbows as she was giving him head like there was no tomorrow. After he got VERY hard, she stood up and turned around and reached between her legs and grabbed his cock, and backed herself to him so his erection was against her cunt. They were both facing the window now, her sitting on his erection. She kept lowering herself till she was sitting on his lap with him fully in her, and then she used her legs to go up and down on his cock. I timed my masturbation to her movements without even thinking about it, wishing that it was me she was screwing.

It must have been a bad position cause she didn’t keep it up long, and when she stood up his cock was shinny slick with her juices. She said something to him, and he got up and she got on her hands and knees on the bed with her tush at the edge of the bed.

I had a great view, and I could see his hard cock as he started to mount her “doggy style”. I really couldn’t see her pussy lips, but I could see part of his cock each time he pulled out. He was standing behind her with his hands on her tush and was spreading her cheeks apart so he could see his cock go deeper inside her hole from the back. He fingered her crack and her asshole as he made slow in and out strokes.

Shannon would lay her head on the bed at times and then she would arch her back. Her tits would bounce each time he hit bottom with his cock, and her nipples were very hard. He kept riding her, and then he started going faster, and he reached around her and started fingering her clit, and then he started slamming her harder, and I think she came, and then he started long strokes and he threw his head back and kept slowing down.

Then after he stood there breathing hard for a minute, he pulled his dripping cock out and it was blood red and covered with cum.. dripping on the floor and the bed, and I could see it run down her leg as she laid there and seem didn’t care. He walked to the bathroom and got a washcloth, and came back and stood behind her and whipped her cunt and ass from the behind, and then she reached down and held the washcloth over her cunt and rolled over.

She laid there a few minutes, and they talked, and then she got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up and then she put on a nightshirt and a clean pair of panties and they went to bed… it was WILD…

I looked down and saw my sperm splattered all over the side of the wall…

After that day, I started to roam the neighborhood at night, and it’s amazing what an enterprising teenage boy could see through windows at night.


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