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The Haunted House
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It was Halloween night and my wife Cathy and I had made plans to attend a costume party that was put together by a couple of guys that I worked with. We went a few days earlier to see about getting some costumes and I decided that I would go as the “Phantom of the Opera”. My wife was having a hard time finding something that she liked.

Finally she went with a Mardi Gras type of outfit that had a mask that covered her face down to her mouth. The satin dress looked like a classic grown that you would wear to the king’s ball except for the fact that instead of a full length to the floor it was very short.

She also wore a blond wig done up high with lots of curls. On Halloween when she came out ready to go I could hardly recognize this very erotic woman. In all our 15 years of marriage I had never seen her dressed so sexy.

She couldn’t wear a bra because the top of the dress had a lace up front and was made to push the boobs up high to the point of almost bursting from the confines of the dress. You could see her bare chest between her breasts through the lacing.

She finished off with a pair of white hold up thigh high stockings and heels. She was absolutely gorgeous and so sensual at the same time. I still couldn’t believe that she was going out dressed like this but I sure wasn’t going to complain.

As we drove to the party I couldn’t help looking over at this sexy woman. Sitting down the dress rose so high that you could see the tops of her stockings, I began to wonder what panties she was wearing underneath.

Well the party was a lot of fun and we both were feeling pretty good from the few drinks that we had. Cathy was a bit more drunk than I and I couldn’t help notice all the guys flirting with this sexy woman. She was one of the older women there at forty two but she was also the hottest.

Around ten o’clock we felt it was time to go. She was drunk and I was horny. I couldn’t wait to get her home for a much needed night of sex. We said our goodbyes and she got quite a few hugs from some of the guys all getting to feel her tits pushed up against them.

The strange thing was that instead of being jealous I was getting turned on by all these guys lusting after my sexy wife. From the flush of her cheeks I could tell that she too was getting some arousal from all this hugging.

On the drive home Cathy was a bit giddy, talking and laughing about different things at the party. When I mentioned how all the guys couldn’t stop looking at her costume and especially her tits she laughed again and said that some of them weren’t even very discrete about the fact that they were staring at her tits. Then she said it wasn’t their fault, they were just being guys.

That was very unlike my prudish wife. It almost seemed like she might have enjoyed the attention. I just chalked it up to the drinks that she had. During our marriage I had never once heard her defend the horny goings on of men.

Just then looking out the window Cathy saw that there was a haunted house going on in the fairgrounds and she wanted me to pull in so we could go. Neither one of us had ever been to one of these events always figuring it was just for the kids, but tonight Cathy almost seemed like a kid anxious and excited about Halloween.

As far as I was concerned I just wanted to get her home to fuck but this was a very different woman tonight and I was excited and curious to see where all of this would lead. I asked about her costume and she just said that it would be so much fun, because no one would know who she was. Now I was really intrigued.

As we got out of the car I could see that she was a bit wobbly on her feet and I reached for her hand to steady her a bit. The heels didn’t help to make things any easier. I paid for the tickets and we headed inside. There were actually three different haunted areas in the different fairgrounds buildings.

The first one we entered was meant for the younger children. It wasn’t very scary, just fun with some Halloween monsters and such. Lots of fog and not too dark which is how I noticed that quite a few father’s had taken a notice of my wife. Being Halloween most everyone was in some sort of costume but none as hot as Cathy.

At one point we had to head up a flight of stairs and as we got towards the top Cathy tripped up in her high heels and fell forward catching herself with her hands on the steps above. It happened so fast that I couldn’t do a thing to stop her, but I quickly reached down to try and help my laughing wife back up to her feet.

She was laughing so hard I couldn’t get her to stand and I looked down the stairs hoping we weren’t blocking traffic. Just below us were a father and his two young sons who were focused on pulling themselves up the stairs by using the railing, but the father was totally focused on what was happening up above him on the stairs.

I knew from his position below us, that he was getting a very good look up my wife’s very short dress. My first thought was to try and get her up with a bit more urgency, but then I suddenly changed my mind when I felt myself getting aroused at the thought that some stranger was seeing my wife’s cute ass and panties.

I slowly tried to help my laughing wife while trying to get a peek at what the father was doing. He had squatted down as if to adjust something on one of his son’s costume but the whole time he was slyly watching Cathy’s ass. Just when I turned my attention back to Cathy I saw the flash go off.

That asshole had taken a picture up my wife’s dress and just as I was starting to get angry I realized I was now hard as a rock. Up until tonight I had always been a bit protective of Cathy, even a bit jealous if a guy got too close but this costume of her’s was giving the both of us a whole different attitude. I finally got her to her feet and we finished our journey up the stairs.

When we got to a place where we were away from the crowd I jokingly told her of the guy on the stairs and that I thought he had snapped a picture. Her reaction wasn’t quite what I had expected. She put her hand to her mouth as if in a bit of shock or fear and then she suddenly burst out laughing again just saying oh my god.

We continued through and when we had to go down a different set of narrow stairs I led the way. Suddenly I heard Cathy behind me saying to wait a minute. Looking back I now saw that she had stopped towards the top of the stairs and had turned around to put one foot on the step above and was adjusting something with her high heel.

I now got the shock of my life. Looking up I could clearly see all the way up Cathy’s sexy stockings to her gorgeous rear, but what shocked me the most was that I was staring at my wife’s naked ass. With one foot up on the step I could even see her little rosebud and her pouting lips peeking out from between those luscious cheeks.

It quickly hit me that this was the picture that the father had taken of my wife. Now my cock was ready to burst and just as I was adjusting myself in my pants Cathy turned around and caught me. Behind that mask I could see those sexy eyes smiling down at me knowing that she had me totally aroused.

Coming down the stairs she reached for my hand still a bit unstable. Once we got outside the building I guided her to a fairly darkened area and pulled her in for a kiss that was filled with more passion than I had felt in a long time. Her hand came down between us and squeezed my hard cock through my pants as I reached behind her to run my hand over her naked ass.

My fingers caressed even further to the point that I could feel her pussy and it was now wet with arousal. We broke the kiss and began to laugh again at all that had transpired so far. I took her hand and we headed off towards the next building.

There was a bit of a line waiting to get in and it seemed as if they were having people go in groups of about six or seven at a time. When our turn came we had two teenage boys wearing rubber monster masks ahead of us and a young couple behind us. It was a lot darker inside than the first building and of course it was meant to be scarier.

You could hear the screams of women at different times because all along the way there was something or someone who would pop out to scare their victims. The walkway was very narrow with walls on either side so we had to walk in a single file. I had pushed Cathy ahead of me thinking that if she were to stumble in her drunkenness I would be able to hold her up.

It was loud inside with all the monster sounds and eerie music so you couldn’t really talk to each other. At one point a Freddy Kruger leaped out and the teenage boys jumped back and bumped into Cathy which pushed her back into me. In the flashing light I could just make out that Cathy had her arms around the boy in front of her trying to keep him from falling.

With the next flash of light the boy was now moving forward and as Cathy started to move I saw him look back at her. Moving on I began to wonder about the boy and if he had been looking at Cathy’s tits.

Next we moved into a small room that was completely filled with long strips of some sort of cloth hanging down from the ceiling. It was pretty dark and as we began to move though I heard Cathy give a little scream of surprise but she kept moving. It was kind of a maze and you could hit a dead end and have to back track to go the right way.

At one point the boys must have hit a dead end and Cathy and I stopped just behind them and realizing what was going on I turned and began to lead the way back. The couple that had been behind us was nowhere in sight so they must have found the right exit.

I heard Cathy give another little scream and then she laughed as she grabbed a hold of my Phantom cape from behind. I was just about to turn out of our dead end to get to the exit when I felt her pull me to a stop. Turning to see what was wrong I suddenly felt Cathy move up into me and put her arms around my neck and pulling me down into one of her passionate kisses.

I was really surprised when I actually felt her moan with pleasure as her tongue slid out to play. I quickly wondered about the boys behind us so I turned our heads a bit and could just make out theirs shapes right behind my wife.

With her next moan I knew something was going on and again my cock sprang up tenting out my pants. The next thing I know is I’m feeling a hand slide between our chests and I realize that one of these kids is getting a feel of my wife’s tits and she is doing nothing to stop him.

Suddenly she breaks the kiss and moves around me to head out towards the exit grabbing my hand to drag me with her. I am so glad that I was behind her as we came into the open because my cock was so hard I thought it would bust my zipper. I hid behind Cathy and my cape as she pulled us away and off to the side of the building where she stopped and gave me another kiss.

When she pulled away I could see that her cheeks looked very red and flushed but not from her makeup. At that moment I could tell that what those boys did had aroused her very much. Looking down I noticed that the lacing of her top was undone and I knew that one of the boys had gotten a good feel of her naked tits and nipples.

As she looked up I could see that the eyes behind the mask were a bit glazed over so I asked her if she was having a good time. With a devilish grin Cathy took my hand and pulled it down and under her dress until I was touching her very wet pussy. I had never seen her so excited before, especially not out in public like this.

When I hit upon her clit Cathy’s whole body seemed to shudder as she pushed her lips to mine and moaned her pleasure. I still couldn’t believe this was my prudish wife allowing me, wanting me to play with her out in a public place.

As she was getting more and more aroused I had to know. I had to know what those boys had gotten away with in the haunted house. Breaking our kiss I leaned in close to her ear and whispered.

“What did those boys do to you?”

Another moan and she answered.

“They were touching me.”

I knew they had felt her tits but I wanted to hear her say it. Slipping two fingers up inside her wet opening I asked her.

“Where did they touch you?”

I felt her hips respond to my fingers as she gave me the answer.

“One of them was touching my ass and between my legs.” Again she thrust her hips forward trying to get my fingers as deep as possible.

“The other one was feeling my tits.”

I was ready to explode at the thought of those two young boys with their hands all over my hot wife. We have always had a good sex life but as I’ve said Cathy was very much a prude so to have her behaving in such sexy, slutty way was just too incredible to believe.

Just then I heard a loud group of kids coming and I pulled my hand from under Cathy’s dress just in time as they came around the corner of the building. Another moan of frustration escaped her lips as my fingers left her short of her desperately needed orgasm.

As the kids passed by I took Cathy’s hand and pulled her towards the haunted house that we had yet to go through. Because it was getting late there wasn’t any line so we just walked right up to the entrance. Just as we got inside I looked back at Cathy and saw the same two boys still in their masks running up to the entrance.

I knew what they had on their horny young minds, which was the same thing as I did, but I didn’t know what Cathy would think. As we kept moving forward I told her that her two friends were coming up behind us but she didn’t seem to mind at all. She never even looked back.

This haunted house had much more in the way of gruesome bloody scenes so you moved through at a much slower pace, stopping each time you came to a different setting. As we paused at the first scene I felt Cathy squeeze up behind me and wrap her arms around my waist.

Suddenly I felt her jump a bit as if she had been startled and then I heard a small moan escape her lips. I knew one of the boys must have touched her. The next thing I know is she is pushing me forward, so I began to move ahead out of her arms but taking her hand so that she would stay up with me.

When we got to the next scene I stopped and Cathy moved up behind me again wrapping her arms around my waist. I could almost feel the tension in her body as I knew that she was desperately waiting for another touch from our young friends.

Again I felt her jump but this time instead of pushing me forward I felt her hips move back as she slid one of her hands down the front of my pants. Wrapping her fingers around the base of my hard cock she pulled up and then worked back down.

Looking back behind me I could see just the top of Cathy’s head as she leaned against my back and right behind her in the darkness was the two boys. Knowing that these boys had their fingers in my wife’s pussy and that she was now almost encouraging them was almost enough to send me over the edge.

Suddenly she pulled her hand off my throbbing cock and again pushed me forward so grabbing her hand I moved on. At the next scene we could hear that there were now another group of people coming up behind us so Cathy just pushed me past without stopping so we could get some separation from this new group. I was sure that her young friends would follow.

Cathy was laughing as we almost ran past another scene and then we were suddenly into a completely darkened hall way. Another bunch of things dangling from the ceiling made Cathy scream but the whole time you had to feel your way through because of the darkness.

At one point I felt an opening in the wall with a curtain and a chain going across to keep people out. I figured this must be one of the places where some monster would be waiting to jump out and scare people but being as it was so late they must have gone off duty.

Stopping Cathy, I quickly felt for the end of the chain and unhooked it. Stepping into the little alcove I backed up to the wall pulling Cathy with me and then turning her so that she was facing out. Her sexy butt was now pressed against my aching cock.

Just then she jumped and I knew that our young friends had again caught up with us but this time with Cathy facing them they would have a lot more to explore. There was only room for the two of us so the boys would be standing half in and half out of the small alcove.

A small squeal of pleasure escaped Cathy’s lips as she pressed her whole body back into me. Suddenly I felt her hands reach back to find my cock in the darkness. I couldn’t see a thing but when I felt her pull on my zipper I wrapped my arms around her moving up to touch her tits.

I shouldn’t have been surprised but I had never even imagined myself being in this situation of finding someone else fondling my wife’s breast. The young hand was working up and over her tit on the outside of her dress. Not knowing how far Cathy would be willing to go I reached up and began to slide her dress off one shoulder.

With her hands back behind her pulling my hard cock out of my open zipper the top of the dress came down on one side. Feeling my way to the front I gently pulled her dress over the breast that the kid had been fondling and again I heard her moan as he now had full access.

Just then we could hear the laughter of the other group coming down the pitch black hallway. Everyone seemed to freeze in place waiting for them to pass. I knew they would not be able to see anything, but the two boys were still standing a little into the hallway.

Just as the group was going past they must have run into the boys and one of the girls screamed. I guess they all thought this was a planned spot for a scaring as they all ran screaming and laughing past us.

Reaching up to the other shoulder I pulled the dress completely off both of her beautiful tits. As I cupped one breast and pulled on the hardened nipple I wanted even more of this sensual, sexual woman. How far would she go?

With my other hand I reached down and took one of her hands off my cock and brought it around to the front of her touching the boy’s hand that was now playing with her nipple. I could feel her tense slightly as she made contact. Slowly I moved her hand up his arm then over his shoulder, up his neck to the back of his head.

It took very little coaxing from me to get her to pull his head to her chest and when she squeezed my cock I knew he was sucking on her stiff sensitive nipple. Another moan and I took my hand off her tit to reach down under her dress. Touching her ass first I ran my hand over her bare cheek then around her hip and down between her legs.

Again I was too late as the other boy had his fingers exploring but when he felt the touch of my hand he jerked back. At this point I think Cathy was so aroused that all she wanted was to feel the pleasure of cumming and it didn’t matter who was helping her to get there.

Taking her other hand off my cock I could feel her reaching out on her own to bring the boy’s fingers back to play between her legs. At this point I decided to take things even further. Lifting her dress up from behind and slid my cock up between her legs and into her very wet and aroused pussy.

I could almost picture the sensual red lips of her open mouth when she moaned in pleasure. I began to slowly push in and out trying to prolong that pleasure for as long as possible.

In complete darkness with the eerie sounds of Halloween enveloping us I was being driven by some hidden perverted lust to push past all our sexual taboos. With a slow deep thrust I reached up and took Cathy’s hand and started to slide it from behind the boy’s head while he continued to suck her nipple.

I moved her hand down his chest and when we got to his stomach she stopped. Again I pushed deep into her from behind and her resistance faded. With just a slight push of my hand she continued the sexual journey that ended with her fingers touching this kid’s hard cock through his jeans.

I swear the moan that I heard came from the young boy. With my hand still covering hers I began to move it over the bulge that I just knew was ready to bust his jeans. Another deep thrust and I put her fingers on the boy’s zipper. Without hesitating I felt her fingers working to pull it down and then her own lust took over as she reached in and freed the hard boy cock.

As she began to stroke him I reached around and took her other hand on the same journey down the other boy’s chest all the way to his crotch. She needed no coaxing this time as she quickly worked to free his throbbing boyhood.

Not being able to see actually made this whole scene so much more erotic. Here I was fucking my wife in a public place while she was jacking off two teen boys while they played with her tits and pussy.

At that moment another hidden fantasy suddenly pushed its way to surface in my dirty mind. I had no control as I felt my hands move up over Cathy’s back and come to rest on her shoulders. Gently pushing down She gave way to the pressure and began to bend forward at the waist.

I had to stop thrusting fearing that I would cum now that I realized this was actually going to happen. I kept the downward push until she was bent completely forward at the waist in front of the two boys.

Again it seemed as if everyone suddenly froze in place waiting for what would happen next. Running my hands up her neck and then grasping the sides of her face I gently guided her down to where I knew a hard cock would be waiting.

I felt her jaw moving to open and then I heard the boy groan. My wonderful prude wife was now sucking on a complete stranger’s cock. On her own I felt Cathy begin to move up and down this kid’s rod and I began to thrust up into her again.

It seemed like only seconds that I heard a loud moan come from the kid and I knew that he was shooting his load. Was he cumming in her mouth? Was she swallowing? I had no idea as this was something that she had never done for me.

I could feel him pushing her back towards me as he kept grunting and grinding out his load. The kid must have been saving up because I can’t remember the last time it took me that long finish shooting a load.

My hands had moved back to Cathy’s shoulders as I increased my speed fucking her from behind. I could feel when she shifted from one boy to the other and was now sucking his cock. With my eyes straining to see anything in the dark I was getting close.

Again her head began moving up and down the boy’s cock as I felt my dick begin to swell ready to shoot deep into my wife. Suddenly I felt Cathy begin to shudder and then I heard her moan as she started to orgasm. Another grunt and I knew this kid was now shooting his load down my wife’s throat.

I could take no more as I slammed hard into my wife’s rear driving my spurting cock as deep as it would go. That deep thrust brought even more moans of pleasure from my wife as her orgasm washed over her with wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure.

I could tell that she was now moaning from an open unobstructed mouth but the kid was still groaning with his pleasure. I had no time to think as I was in heaven slowly finishing one of the best sexual moments of my life.

After what seemed like an eternity I felt Cathy straighten up and I pulled my still hard cock from her dripping pussy. I could feel her moving to pull her dress back up over her breasts and onto her shoulders as I quickly tried to tuck myself back into my pants.

I could hear movement in front of us which I assumed was the two boys getting themselves together and then they were gone. I whispered to Cathy if she was ready to leave and she grabbed my hand as we made our way out of the little alcove.

We both heard more people coming up from behind us and I felt Cathy speed up to get away. We passed all the rest of the exhibits without even stopping and got to the exit as fast as we could. Once outside we began to walk hand and hand back towards the parking lot and our car.

I couldn’t look at Cathy as I was feeling guilty about what we had just done or more of what I had pushed her to do. I still had no idea of how she would react later when she had sobered up.

When we got into the parking lot we happened to walk past a black family and the father was sounding very angry with two young boys around fourteen or fifteen who were trying to give an excuse as to why they hadn’t met up with the parents on time.

Looking down I immediately recognized the masks that the two black kids were holding and I think Cathy saw the same thing because she suddenly pulled quickly past the family and rushed us towards our car. The last thing I could hear was the father saying that if they couldn’t follow the rules there would be no more friends spending the night.

Pulling out my keys I hit the button and the doors unlocked so we both could jump inside without being seen. I had another raging hard-on as I thought about the fact that my wife had been felt up and then sucked off those two black boys.

I quickly started the car and pulled out of the lot then on to the freeway with neither one of us saying a word. I kept replaying what had happened over and over which got me harder and harder.

As I looked over to Cathy I could see that she was also deep in thought about what had just happened and with whom. Her breasts were still pushed up in her tight dress and she looked so sexy. It was then that I noticed a glistening trail of wetness running down her neck between her tits. Looking closer I could see even more trails of what I knew was teenage cum on her mask, in her hair and down the front of her dress.

My mind quickly remembered the last boy and realized that she had pulled her mouth away and let him shoot his seed all over her face and tits. I couldn’t stop myself as I reached down and began to unbutton my pants.

When Cathy looked over at me I couldn’t tell what was going on behind that mask but when she saw what I was doing she reached down and slowly started pulling the hem of her dress higher and higher until I could see her bare pussy in the dim light from the dashboard.

Pulling myself free I began to stroke my cock as I kept glancing over at my wife who now had a hand down between her own legs. Letting go of myself I reached over and pulled the top of her dress down to again expose those beautiful tits. Both nipples stood out begging to be fondled and I thought of the young boy teasing that nipple with his mouth.

Reaching over I grabbed her breast and pulled a hard nipple between my fingers feeling the slippery wetness that the young boy had left behind. Sliding up her chest and neck my fingers collected even more of the boy’s seed. When I had reached her cheek she turned to face me and brought her mouth over my soaked fingers.

I was stroking even faster as I felt that velvet tongue glide over my fingers tasting all of that black boy’s seed. By now I was very close to shooting another load and I gently pulled her closer to me.

Getting onto her knees Cathy leaned over me and ran that same velvet tongue up and around the head of my cock. I could see that she had a hand down under herself and I knew that she was rubbing her own clit. She let out another one of her moans as she sucked me into her hot mouth.

Looking up ahead I saw that we would soon be going past an eighteen wheeler in the slow lane. I quickly turned on the cars dome light as the roar of the trucks engine grew louder. Cathy must have known what I was doing but she didn’t care because she started moving her head up and down my shaft giving that trucker one hell of a show as we pulled up alongside.

He stayed right up with us as I reached over Cathy’s back and pulled the short skirt up and over her bare ass. On her knees with legs spread I know that trucker had a great view of Cathy’s fingers working on her clit.

She started to tremble and I knew that she was going to cum. Again pushing her taboos I slid my fingers down to touch at her small rosebud. She was so wet and slippery that my finger just slid in and that is what took her over the edge.

Her mouth flew off my cock as she nearly screamed in orgasm. As I pushed deeper into her ass her fingers were stroking over her clit bringing pleasure to every nerve in her body. Her whole body seemed to shake as that trucker watched her go through these waves of pleasure.

With one last gasp she arched up and I pulled my finger from her tight hole. Now she rolled over on her back and laid her head in my lap. Her top was still pulled down and her knees were drawn up and spread. The trucker had a perfect view of my almost naked prudish wife.

Looking out from her mask I could tell that she was trying to see what this trucker looked like but the inside of his cab was too dark. Suddenly there was a flash and we both knew that he had taken a picture. Our dome light was still on so I knew that he would have a great shot.

After another flash Cathy reached back and grabbed my hard cock and moved in my lap so that her cheek was up against the sensitive underside. Another flash and she slowly began to stroke my cock across her cheek. Flash, and then she turned her face towards me and stuck out her tongue to catch a drop that was hanging from my tip, another flash.

For the third time that night I saw Cathy reach a hand down between her legs as she kept working my dick over her face and lips. The trucker was now taking picture after picture of this nasty woman hiding behind her Halloween mask.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I groaned that I was going to cum. Cathy kept up her stroking and I couldn’t stop the rush of cum that blasted a shot straight up to land on her bare tits. The next spurt hit her open mouth and lips as she turned her head to capture the next blast. More flashes were going off as she then sucked me back into her mouth just as she arched up and shook in her third climax of the night. It was all I could do just to keep the car on the highway. We were so lucky that no one else was around us.

When I had finished Cathy continued to nurse on my softening cock but then it got too sensitive and I had to pull out. She was still breathing hard as she lay there basking in the aftermath of this incredible night of sex.

Knowing that our sexcapades were over I turned off the dome light and sped up leaving the trucker behind. After a bit Cathy sat up and pulled her clothes together just as I was turning off on our exit. Again things were quite as she reached over and took my hand to hold. Without saying a word I knew that she would be ok with what had happened but I also knew that this was something that most likely would never happen again. My very next thought was that I sure wished I could somehow get copies of all the pictures the trucker had taken.

Eventually I did get those copies but now that’s another story…


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