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The Mistake
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Sometimes, one mistake is all it takes to change things forever. I know, because I made that mistake and now I’m living with the consequences. I am a letter carrier for the Postal Service and love my work. I can complete my route in about 4 hours and have the rest of the day to do whatever I like. One benefit of a job like mine is that you get to meet lots of interesting people and a certain, small percentage of the people out there are real interesting.

I’m 32 years old and I’m not a bad looking guy (even if I do say so myself). My wife is the hottest looking red head you could ever dream up and we’ve been happily married for 6 years. Well, everything with our marriage was normal until I was caught, literally, with my pants down. One hot, summer day, I had completed my delivery route by about 1 p.m. and returned home to take a little nap before I had to report back to the station.

On my way down the open hallway of our apartment building, I noticed the young, high school temptress that lives two doors down from us. She was leaning over the rail (we live on the second floor) and she and waving to a guy in the parking lot. This 18 year old nymph was wearing only a silk nightie and the rounded tops of her smooth thighs were clearly visible. Her young tits were pushing at the front of the garment and I could see the pointed nipples outlined by the flimsy material. The girl looked like she had just stepped off the pages of Penthouse magazine. She’s about 5’7, has waist length auburn hair, piercing blue eyes, a waist you could put your hands around, big, firm tits and a perfectly shaped tight, round ass.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the lovely vision before me. I continued to walk toward the young beauty as I headed for my apartment. I kept thinking of what my wife had said about this young woman only a couple of weeks ago.

My wife told me, “That girl is nothing but a cheap slut. I’ve seen boys going in and out of her apartment, when her parents aren’t home, and they aren’t doing homework in there!” I was in the middle of a great fantasy about being between those silky smooth thighs when I passed the girl.

Then she called to me and said, “Oh, sir? Sir? Would you please have a look at something for me?”

I snapped out of my day dreaming and turned to see what the lass wanted. Well, I almost tripped on my lower jaw as I faced her. She had the hem of her nightie in both hands and had it pulled up high enough to reveal the soft, furry mound of hair covering her pussy. For a moment, I thought I had slipped back into my fantasy again but then the young girl said, “I’ve got this terrible itch right here (as she ran her index finger along the side of her snatch) and I can’t seem to make it go away.”

She then pouted her sensuous lips and a faint purring sound came from her throat. My dick was instantly hard and my mind began to calculate like a machine. I knew my wife wouldn’t be home for another 5 hours, so I played along with this young tarts game.

I said, “Well now, young lady, I think I might just have the cure for you. Why don’t we step into my apartment where I can get a better look at the problem!”

I felt like a high school kid again as we walked to my apartment door. I opened the door and motioned for the girl to enter first. As I followed her in, I turned to ensure that none of the other neighbors had seen us. The young girl introduced herself as “Cindy” and said, “I’m so embarrassed, but this itch is just unbearable!” And then she closed her eyes, with a painful look on her face, and slowly rubbed her furry cunt.

I knew what kind of itch she had, but I just followed along with her. I told her that I would have to make us a drink before I continued with my investigation into her problem. I asked her to take a seat on the couch while I prepared the drinks. I made up two large water glasses with half rum and half coke in each. When I returned to the living room I almost lost my grip on the glasses I was carrying. Cindy was lying on my couch, with her nightie pulled up around her waist, and her smooth young legs spread wide.

I walked around the couch and handed her one of the drinks. I immediately drank about two thirds of mine, trying to steady my nerves. Cindy took several long gulps of her drink and then said, “Oh! Sir! This is the strongest drink I’ve ever had!”

I told her it was necessary for the cure and that she had to finish it all. After several more gulps, the voluptuous nymph put her empty glass on the table and started rubbing her pussy again. She asked me, “When are you going to cure my itch? Its still so terrible!”.

Her speech was becoming a little slurred, from the rum, and she was slipping a finger into her pussy as she rubbed it. I instructed this hot, young girl to take her nightie off and to get on her hands and knees on the carpet. She gave out a little moan and complied with my order. I pulled my uniform off with lightning speed and got down on the floor with my naughty little neighbor. Her long straight hair was hanging over her face and touching the floor. She was arching her back and softly moaning as my hands went to her firm tits. They were hard and hot and the nipples pointed straight out from the cone shaped ends.

I put my mouth under her tit as I reached a hand to her smooth ass. I was sucking on one of the rock hard nipples and running my fingers over her wet hairy cunt when the crazed girl yelled, “I can’t take it anymore! Fuck me! Oh! Please fuck me!”

I got behind Cindy’s firm, tight ass and parted the dripping lips of her velvet pussy with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand while I pointed my throbbing cock at the gaping, pink opening with my right. She threw her head back, tossing her hair over to one side, and looked over her shoulder at me with a tortured expression. The young girls lovely mouth was partly open and her eyebrows were pulled together, wrinkling her forehead. The look on her face made me want to dump my load onto her hot cunt right then but I managed to keep control and slowly eased my cock into her hot, wet, tight pussy.

Cindy opened her mouth wide and gasped in a quick breath as my dick inched its way into her. She sighed and groaned, “OH! OH! IT, IT’S THE BIGGEST ONE I’VE EVER HAD! PUT SOME MORE OF IT IN ME! PLEASE! MORE!”

I slid more of my aching dick into her tight, young twat and said, “OH! Baby!, Your pussy is so God Damn tight! OH! FUCK!”

I started pumping in and out of that beautiful young bitch with long deep strokes. She was going crazy. I reached under her and wrapped my hands around the ends of her hard tits. As I fucked her creamy cunt, I squeezed her tits the way you would milk them. Applying pressure from the tops down to the nipples.

Cindy’s smooth ass was going wild as her sweet muff fucked back and forth over my shinning dick. She was hanging her head and watching the shaft slide in and out of her from under- neath. Her moans were getting louder and all she could say was, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! HARDER! FUCK ME!”

Suddenly, the front door opened and there stood my wife, Roxanne. There I was, fucking the shit out of this teenage slut while I was milking her perfect tits. My wife just stared in horror.

I was so surprised that I stood straight up, pulling my dick out of the agonizing young girl as I did. It was too late. My cock started shooting jets of cum onto Cindy’s sweet ass and back while she (not even noticing my wife) screamed, “NO,! NO!, FUCK! MEEEE! MORE!! – I NEED MORE!!!”

Then my wife, in a very sarcastic tone, said, “Go ahead Tom, give the little whore what she wants. Go ahead, stick your fucking cock back in her little cunt!”

I just froze and started stammering, “I, I ,I. Roxanne, honey. I ,I …”

My dick was going limp and Cindy was looking at Roxanne with the tortured expression that had turned me on so much. She was whimpering and humping her ass back toward me. She said, “DO IT! DO IT! — STICK IT BACK IN ME!!!!”

My cock was completely limp by then and I just hung my head. Roxanne rushed off to our bedroom with a look of disgust on her face and returned with a 12″ dildo.

She said, “It looks like I’m going to have too finish this job for you, Tom!” Then she bent down beside Cindy and inserted the fake dick into the sopping cunt.

Cindy immediately started humping again and Roxanne started lifting the young girls tits and dropping them to watch how they bounced. Cindy started crying, screaming, and gasping for breath as she finally climaxed onto the big rubber cock stuck in her twat. Roxanne jerked the huge dildo out of the girl and began slapping her ass with it.

My cum and Cindy’s pussy juices were splattering off her ass in large beads that landed on the carpet and table next to her. Roxanne stood back up and said, “OK, you little whore, get out of here! And keep that slimy little cunt of yours away from my husband!”

Cindy crawled to her feet and quickly pulled her nightie back over her head. She looked at my wife and started to say something, but then she turned and walked out the door. Roxanne stared at me. I couldn’t think of any thing to say except, “I’m sorry.”

My wife then dropped the boom on me. She said, “Tom, I’ve never cheated on you. And now I come home to find you fucking the brains out of that teenage tart! Well, I’m going to be bringing home a little surprise of my own and I don’t want to hear a single word about it!”

That night I continued drinking the rum that Cindy and I had started. All the while I was drinking, I wondered what Roxanne was planning. I love the marriage my wife and I have and I was really feeling bad about what I had done. After finishing off the bottle, I staggered to our room and passed out on the bed.

I had one hell of a hang-over, the next day and didn’t get out of bed until noon. When I finally made it out of bed, I stumbled to the bath room, pulled off my clothes, and showered with cold water for the next 15 minutes. I began to feel a little better, after showering, and made my way to the kitchen for some coffee.

As I approached the living room, I heard some people talking so I tied on my bath robe and stepped into the room. What I saw was incredible! My lovely wife was sitting on our couch and was sucking on a large, muscular, black man’s cock!

The black man looked over at me with a startled expression. Roxanne pulled her mouth off his dick and turned to me.

She said, “Oh!, Tom, I’d like you to meet Larry! He’s the maintenance man for our building and I brought him up here for a little job.”

All the while she was talking to me, my wife was stroking Larry’s giant, black cock and rubbing it against her face and neck. She looked up at the large man and said, “Don’t worry, Larry, Tom doesn’t mind me having a little fun.”

Then, turning to me again, said, “Do you, Tom darling?”

I was speechless. Roxanne then asked Larry, “Do you mind if my dear husband watches us?”

The black stud just shook his head and closed his eyes as Roxanne run her tongue along the underside of his cock. I fell backwards into an easy chair and stared with disbelief while my lovely wife continued devouring the huge black meat she was holding.

Now picture this: my wife is getting her sweet mouth fucked by this giant black man, with the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Then the guy grabs her head on both sides and pulls my wife off his dick. He says, “I wanna fuck your pussy now, baby!”

My wife stands up and drops her skirt, takes off her blouse, and unhooks her bra. She pulls the 40D cups off of her large, firm tits, and holds one up for her lover to suck.

The black man takes the rose-pink, nipple into his mouth and runs his hands down my wife’s smooth milk-white ass and into her nylon panties. He lifts her ass up and walks with her over to our dinning room table. My wife is lowered onto the table top and her panties are stripped off her long, shapely legs.

The black guy pulls off his shirt and is now completely naked too. He steps up to the table edge and drags her smooth, white ass over to him. My wife’s long red hair is splayed across the table top and her legs are spread wide in anticipation of what is to come. Now, by this time, I’d forgotten all about my hangover.

Watching the strong, black hands positioning the soft white thighs of my wife was causing my own dick to stiffen. Roxanne was rolling her head from side to side as Larry ran his fingers through her soft, red, cunt hair. He looked over to me and said, “Oh, shit man! I bet you fuck this lady’s pretty pussy every chance you get!”

Larry was holding his long cock in his hand and began parting the slick folds in Roxanne’s cunt with the head of it. My wife was clenching her tits and looked over at me with a strained face and panted, “Come on Larry, honey, put your meat into me! Look, Tom wants you to. See how his dick is sticking up! Give it to me!”

Larry pushed the round, black knob on the end of his cock into the pink flesh of my wife’s gushing pussy. He leaned over Roxanne and started kissing her stiffened nipples. The black shaft was penetrating deeper into her hot, slippery cunt and my wife was gurgling out noises like: “UNNNH!”, “FUUUUUHHH”, “EEEEEEE”, and “UNH! HUH!”.

Larry leaned over further and pushed more of his enormous pole into Roxanne’s twat. My dick was pounding and the vision of my wife, impaled on that huge, black cock was unbearable. Larry straightened up, put his hands on Roxanne’s bent knees, and began to push his hips toward her.

There was still almost 5 inches of cock that hadn’t gotten wet yet and there must have been at least that much already crammed into her stretching hole. The man, fucking my wife, was swaying his hips and screwing more and more meat into her with each motion.

Roxanne’s tits were swinging in rhythm with the motion and her ass was making circular movements to match the movements of Larry. I had never seen my wife in such a state of heat before. Her slimy juices were smeared all over the table top under her ass, making her slide with each thrust of the long dick into her. She was gripping the edges of the table as the hard, black rod pulled out and then buried itself again.

Over and over, the awesome meat emerged from my wife’s pink slit and then disappeared again into the depths of her body. I used to be quite proud of my 8 inch dick, but I knew now that I had never been where Larry’s cock was now and I never would be! Larry was screwing hard and fast now and my wife’s wet ass was bouncing off the slick table. She was moaning, “OH! FUUUCK ME! FUUUUCK ME LARRY! YEEEEESSSSS! FUUUCK! FUUUCK!”

Larry said, “UNNNNNH! I ain’t never fucked – UNNNH – a white bitch like you – UNNNH – UNNNH! I’m going to blow my load in you NOW!, lady!”

Then he jammed his cock deep into Roxanne and groaned as he filled her with his hot streams of sperm. My wife was still bucking her ass up against the black man’s balls while he grunted with each shot of cum ejected from his dick. She was screaming with a long, intense orgasm as Larry pulled his dripping cock out of her gooey cunt hole.

Thick, white, globs of cum were stringing from the end of Larry’s dick to the swollen, red lips of Roxanne’s pussy. Her cunt was oozing the black man’s seed as he moved from between her thighs. My wife slid her ass back toward the middle of the table and just lay there, panting with exhaustion. The maintenance man put his clothes back on and told me that my wife had the best pussy he had ever seen and that he would love to stick around for some more of her, but he had to leave.

He said, “I got another job to do. The daughter of that couple down the hall, you know the sexy bitch. Well, she called and said her parents weren’t home and that she needed someone to look at her plumbing. So, I guess I’ll go see if it needs a good cleaning out!”

He laughed and then left. My dick was so hard now that my balls were aching. I looked over at my freshly fucked wife and started jerking myself off. I stood up and walked over to the table where Roxanne was sprawled out. The smell of all that fucking that she had been taking was overwhelming. She was still breathing heavily and I noticed how red her nipples were from Larry’s sucking. Her cunt was a sloppy mess and her ass was shinny with the combination of her own juices and the black studs cum.

I moved up to the side of the table, even with my beautiful wife’s face, and frantically jerked on my cock until my cum splattered, full force, onto her eyes, nose, and mouth. She was a sight to see. With my cum covering her lovely face and the maintenance man’s leaking out of her gaping snatch.

I got our Polaroid camera and shot an entire pack of film of her playing with her sticky twat and sucking my cum off her fingers as she wiped it from her face. Later that day, my wife and I heard screams and moans coming from Cindy’s apartment, down the hall.

Roxanne said to me, “WOW! I bet that little slut is really getting her pipes cleaned but good!”

I said, “Yeah, I don’t think she knew what kind of tool Larry used to do his work!”.

We both laughed and started looking at the Polaroid shots I had taken. We spent the rest of the night fucking each other until we both collapsed. Everything seemed to go normally, for the next several months, and neither Roxanne nor myself had had any extramarital experiences. – Or so I thought!

It was a cold, winter day and I was making my daily deliveries from the Postal Service jeep that I drive. I had finished about half of my route and was getting pretty chilled, so I decided to swing by my apartment and warm up with a cup of coffee. Among the stack of letters and magazines, that were to be delivered, were two copies of a sleazy fuck magazine with the same delivery address. ( I always peek at those magazines with brown wrappers.)

Since there were duplicate copies of this one, I took one copy for myself. Once inside our warm apartment, I removed my gloves, hat, and coat, and put a pot of coffee on. I picked up the porno mag and headed for the toilet, as I felt the urge to take a healthy one. As I sat and began leafing through the pages of pornography, my dick was getting rock hard.

There were close-up, color shots of voluptuous, young women getting fucked in every position. Some of the pictures showed huge cocks spewing cum onto the faces, tits, and cunts of the women. There was even a spread of lactating, young women who were being milked by men as they were getting reamed by others. The sight of those huge, milk-filled, tits squirting their hot cream into the mouths of the studs milking them, made me start beating my meat.

As I jacked myself off, I continued flipping through the pages of smut. Then I came across a layout that made me stop in mid stroke. There on the page before me, in glossy color, was my wife, Roxanne! She was on all fours, completely naked, and getting attended to by two young studs!

She had her forearms resting on a carpeted floor, straddling the legs of a guy on his back, and his cock was in her mouth. The other guy was kneeling behind my lovely wife’s ass and had his enormous dick in her red-haired cunt while he gripped one of her big tits.

I was shocked beyond belief! I turned the page to see my wife’s face, dripping with cum, looking back at the man who was fucking her cunt. He was clenching her ass cheeks and had his head thrown back as if he were in the middle of a mind-blowing orgasm.

The man under my wife, had both of her heavy tits in his hands and had his cock squeezed between them. On the facing page, was a close-up shot showing only my wife’s pussy and asshole, each of which had a cock inserted half way in it. The next two pages depicted my beautiful Roxanne giving both men hand jobs, with her mouth wide open to catch their ejaculations; a shot of her ass and cunt covered with globs of sperm; a view of both men sucking her nipples while she smiled at the camera and spread the lips of her lovely snatch; and finally, a half page photo of her on her back with both feet in the air, legs opened wide, one guy sticking his tongue in her pussy, and the other over her head with his cock parting her lips.

Well, the awesome photos of my wife and the two, young, studs caused me to shoot steams of cum onto the bathroom floor. As I cleaned up the mess I had made, my mind began to wander to thoughts of the thousands of men that must be jerking themselves off, just as I had done, while they looked on the pages of photos of my slut wife. I just couldn’t believe that Roxanne had fucked and sucked those two guys while some porno photographer watched and recorded all the action!

Even though the magazine had turned me on so much, I was enraged with thoughts of what else she might have done over the last few months. I managed to finish my route that day, but spent the entire time thinking of how I would confront Roxanne with what I had learned. When I arrived home, I began preparations for my wife’s return from work.

I placed a bottle of wine in ice, dimmed the lights, and put on some soft music. With the atmosphere set for a romantic interlude, I strategically placed the porno magazine under one of the sofa cushions. Roxanne came home and seemed quite surprised by the attention I gave her. I kissed her long and hard and ran my hand up her thighs to the warm silk covered pussy between them. I told her that I was really in the mod for some romantic love-making and pleaded with her to go and change into something sexy.

She looked a me a little strangely but then smiled and went off to the bedroom. When she returned, I was sitting on the sofa, with only by underwear on, and I was pouring the chilled wine. Roxanne was wearing a short teddy that didn’t quite cover her pussy and revealed the most of her tits. I just sighed and told her to come over to me for “… a good fuckin’.”

She sat down beside me and reached into my shorts to pull out my hardening cock. I put my hand between her parted thighs and rubbed a finger along the slit in her cunt. When I knew she was ready for it, I got between my wife’s luscious legs and slid my dick into her muff. She was making passionate gestures with her mouth and tongue and telling me how good my cock felt. That’s’ when I reached under the sofa cushion and pulled out the magazine.

Roxanne wondered what I was doing, but as I opened the glossy pages to the section featuring her, she stopped the fucking motion of her hips and just stared at me. I told her how I had found the publication and that I wanted to know more. Then I laid the open mag on her heaving tits and stared at the photo of her cum drenched face. I started fucking her so hard that I thought I might break the sofa legs off.

Roxanne was having a gut wrenching climax as I pulled out of her and emptied by balls onto her face, the magazine, and her stomach. After giving her a few minutes to rest, I began my interrogation of her. Roxanne wiped the sticky goo from her face and cleaned the cum from the opened magazine. She looked up at me and said, “Tom, ever since that day that the maintenance man screwed me here, I have had the uncontrollable urge to fuck other men.”

She got up from the sofa and pulled her stained teddy up over her head and flung it on the floor. She continued, “Over two months ago, I decided to buy a copy of this magazine that they sell at the corner news stand. Well, on one of the back pages was an ad that asked for amateur photos of women that might be selected to pose for their periodical. So, I sent in a couple of the Polaroid shots you had taken of me. You know, the ones of me with my face covered with your cum and my pussy dripping with Larry’s.”

She was calmly explaining how she had come to be one of the stars of that sleazy fuck book while she wiped my sperm from her naked body. My wife proceeded with her whorish story while I listened in total disbelief!

She said, “Well, I received an answer about two weeks later. I had given my office address for return mail so you wouldn’t see any reply I might get. The letter from the magazine said that their photographers were really interested in me and asked if I would be available for an interview. In the letter, there was a telephone number to dial for interview appointments. I was so excited that I had to tell someone, but I was afraid if I told you, you might not let me go. So, I went down to Larry’s maintenance room and told him what I’ve just told you. I fucked Larry again – right there on his work bench!”

I started to say something, but when I opened my mouth, Roxanne told me to stay quiet while she finished. I could tell she was getting hot again as she recalled more of what happened.

She said, “I called the number given and made an appointment with one of the magazine editors for an interview. I was to meet him at an office building downtown, a week later.”

I listened intently, as my wife continued, “The day of my interview I started to get cold feet. Just thinking about having my body exposed to all who might see this magazine, made me wonder if I really wanted to go through with it. I looked through the copy I had bought, again, and the sight of those women getting fucked in every possible way, convinced me to go on. When I arrived at the address given, I walked into a reception room that was empty except for a small typing desk and a very sexy receptionist. I told her that I had an appointment with Greg Fields (the editor I had talked to) and she asked me to wait while she announced my arrival. The skimpily dressed receptionist disappeared behind another door and returned a few moments later. She told me that Mr. Fields would see me in a few minutes and then she apologized for the condition their temporary offices were in. She said that they were shooting, ‘on – location’, for their next edition and had just finished setting up the studios.

Roxanne went on with her incredible tale, “A few minutes later, Greg walked into the reception room and introduced himself. He then asked me to step into their studio where I would meet one of their photographers. I entered the next room and was really amazed at all the photographic equipment there. There was a large bed in one corner that was on a thick shag carpet. On the other side of the studio, a leather couch was positioned in the center of a dark blue carpet and against a third wall was a beige carpet with some exercise equipment on it. At each setting were light stands, umbrella-like reflectors, and camera tripods. I told Greg that I was very impressed with the studio and he laughed and said I should see the home office setup. Then a tall, handsome young man came into the room and introduced himself as Steve, one of the magazine’s photographers. He asked me if I would be uncomfortable with removing my clothes and posing for some test shots. I acted a little shyly and then told him that I was sure he had seen the photos I had mailed in and he just smiled.

“Then”, she continued, “I was directed to the setting with the leather couch and asked to remove my clothes, one piece at a time. First, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse as Steve began making his test shots. He told me to pout my lips and give him a sultry look, so I complied. I was getting hot already and could feel my pussy beginning to get wet. Next, I removed my skirt and tossed it over the back of the couch. Steve was shooting pictures of every move I made. Greg was sitting on a stool, behind Steve, and was giving some advice as to what poses might look good. I was now down to my black bra, panties, nylons and garter belt. Greg and Steve could tell I was getting into my role as model and encouraged me to experiment with poses of my own invention. I turned sideways to the camera and put one foot on the arm of the couch. Then I slowly unsnapped my garter snaps and began rolling the stocking down my leg. Steve’s camera was clicking away as I looked over my shoulder and stared into the lens and sexily licked my lips. Greg asked me to unhook my bra but not to remove it. He said he’d like to see some poses of the loose bra with the straps falling off my shoulders but the cups still covering my tits. As I did what was suggested, the men drew deep breaths when they saw how my tits swung from the sudden release. My bra was now just clinging to the ends of my tits and Steve was yelling things like: ‘Fantastic!’, ‘Terrific’, and ‘YES! THAT’S IT’. Greg was directing me to toss my head back and to the side, letting my hair fall first on my back and then over my tits. I was into the action so much I had forgotten about the camera. Steve had to reload with another film pack and asked me to hold for just a second. Greg said that I was the most uninhibited woman he had interviewed all week.”

By now, I was really getting excited by what my wife was describing. I was staring at her naked tits as she pinched her nipples and continued with her story.

She said, “When Steve was ready again, I was asked to remove my loosened bra and stand a few feet from one end of the couch, with my legs together. Then I was instructed to bend forward and put my hands on the arm of the couch. I got into the pose and looked over at Greg and Steve for approval. They both nodded their heads as they stared at my swinging tits. Steve said it was a beautiful pose and then told me to move my ass slightly toward the camera. Then he told me to reach around and pull my panties down just far enough to reveal my ass but not enough to show any pubic hair. As I complied, his camera clicked faster. My pussy was sopping wet by then and I had a wanton look on my face that wasn’t an act. Greg stood up and asked me if I had any objections to photos that depicted sexual intercourse. I asked, ‘Do you mean – do I mind fucking in front of the camera?’. He nodded and I told him that was what I was there for. As Steve continued shooting, Greg removed his clothes and walked into the setting. He knelt on the couch and put his average sized cock to my lips. As I took him in my mouth, he lifted my tits and gently kneaded them. I began moving my head up and down on his shaft and put a hand between my legs to my creaming cunt. I pulled my mouth off of Greg’s dick and told him I wanted to be fucked. He got up off the couch and moved behind me. My panties were pulled down my legs and I was told to move up to the arm of the couch and lay across it. Steve was saying that he was getting some ‘Nice shots’ and Greg was moving my legs apart.

Roxanne was breathing heavily now, as she elaborated on the action that occurred in the studio. My cock was throbbing from the hot story she was telling and I imagined what a sight she must have been for the photographer.

“Then”, she said, “I felt the pressure of Greg’s cock against my pussy. Steve told me to raise up on my hands as Greg entered me so my tits would be in full view of his lens. I was told to emphasize the swing of my jugs as Greg pumped in and out of my slippery twat. Steve told me to look at the camera so he could capture the lustful expression on my lovely, passionate face. I fell down on my elbows as the cock continued to slide across the hot inner walls of my cunt. My nipples were dragging across the leather upholstery as they bounced with each new thrust. I heard Greg tell Steve to get ready to take over. Then, he pushed deep into me and shot hot streams of sperm up my gushing snatch. As Greg pulled his meat out of me, I felt several more jets of cum hit my cunt and ass. He moved away from me and Steve walked up to take his place. I looked over to see Greg behind the camera, shooting pictures as fast as the camera would allow. I couldn’t see behind me, but I felt Steve’s hands on my ass and then the head of his dick at my slit. I was expecting some more of the same good fucking that Greg had been giving me but I was wrong! As Steve’s cock began it’s way into me I could tell it was much bigger than Greg’s.”

My wife now had two fingers inserted in her pussy and sounded as if she was having difficulty in telling the rest of the story. I was watching her in her excited state and began squeezing my hard-on. I told Roxanne I wanted her to finish her story but I wanted to be screwing my meat into her gooey twat as she did. She lay over the arm of our couch just as she had described in her recollection of the studio scene. I got behind her smooth ass and inserted my cock into her hot hole. She groaned and then continued talking with moans and grunts between each sentence.

She told me, “Tom, Steve’s cock was just like the maintenance man’s, only white. It was huge and I started cumming over and over as that hot slab of meat fucked deeper into my cunt. Soon Steve was slamming into me with what seemed like 12″ strokes! His balls were slapping up against my twat as his dick ramming home! I was dazed and staring at the camera lens. I started screaming and couldn’t tell what Greg was saying to me. The climax I was having was blurring my vision. I heard Steve yell out, ‘Get some close-ups of these fantastic jugs!’ and ‘Make sure you get the shot of my load hitting her cunt!’ Then the awesome cock jerked out of me and blasted my cunt, ass, and back with boiling-hot streams of Steve’s cum.”

As my wife grunted out the details of the earth-moving climax she had from Steve’s cock pounding, I felt my balls tighten and drove my dick up that hot, gummy twat. I rifled my jizz deep into Roxanne’s well fucked hole and then continued to fuck her to a screaming, creaming orgasm. Her slippery cunt was contracting on my cock with rapid, spasmodic jerks as she stiffened her back and shuddered in waves of pleasure. I placed my hands on her broad ass and pushed myself out of her dripping pussy.

I lay across her back, exhausted. After a short rest, Roxanne told me that both, Greg and Steve were very pleased with the test shots they had gotten and wanted her for the next month’s feature layout.

She picked up the magazine and said, “Well, I think the layout is pretty hot stuff. What do you think, Tom?”

I told her that I had been jerking off when I saw her in that fuck mag and the scenes made me shoot a huge load all over the bathroom floor.

She just laughed and said “Wait until you see next months issue!”.

I asked her about the two young studs she was displayed with and Roxanne said, “Wow! Those two guys were unbelievable!”

She Flipped to the page in the magazine that had the close-up of her ass and cunt with a cock inserted in each. She licked her lips and said, “See this picture? This is when I was squatting down on one guys cock while the other fucked my ass from behind! The shot doesn’t show it, but I had Greg’s cock in my mouth at the same time! When they all came, I had hot cum gushing into my cunt, ass, and throat all at the same time. And if that wasn’t enough! The guy who had fucked my asshole, had me suck his dick next! He told me to clean his dick with my tongue until he came again in my mouth! I was fucked in my twat and ass by all three men and sucked off each of them too!”

Two weeks later the new issue of “Tits & Twats” came out and since I had subscribed to it, I made sure that I got my copy at the post office I work out of. On my way home, I opened the brown wrapper and flipped through the glossy pages of fuck and suck scenes. Sure enough, my wife, Roxanne, was featured as the center spread model. I looked at one page, showing a middle-aged, balding man with his cock inserted into my wife’s lovely cunt and quickly closed the magazine (I didn’t want to see more until I had a chance to get home and study the pages closely). As I was walking down the hall, to my apartment, I saw the teenage, blonde slut that Roxanne had caught me fucking.

The girl was just leaving her apartment and I got the idea of letting her see my wife’s layout. I nodded hello to her, winked, and said, “Got a few minutes? I’ve got something here that I think you’d like to see, Cindy.”

She smiled and said, “OK. What?”

I told her to follow me down to my apartment and she agreed, but said that she didn’t have more than a few minutes. She explained that she was meeting her boyfriend at the mall. We entered my place and I told Cindy to have a seat. She was wearing a tight, stretch, micro skirt and a cut off tee-shirt that just barely covered her fantastic D tits.

When she sat down on my couch, she intentionally opened her legs to reveal that she wasn’t wearing panties before she crossed her long, smooth legs. Just seeing her beautiful, young snatch, made me want to jump her right there, but I was able to control myself.

Cindy asked me what I had to show her and I joked by pulling my zipper half way down.

She said, “I’ve already seen that, and besides, I told you my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

I said, “OK, OK. What I really wanted to show you is this.”

I sat down next to her and opened the fuck magazine up to the first few pages. The young girl stared at the pages of women with huge cocks stuck into their cunts, asses, and mouths. She turned a couple more pages of the magazine and stopped on a picture of a young, blonde getting fucked by a big black man.

She was breathing harder and said, “This almost looks like me and Larry, the maintenance man!”

I was looking from the page to the rising and falling of her chest. I wanted to run my hand up under her shirt to those big, hard tits in the worst way, but I didn’t want to chase her off right yet.

Several more pages were turned and then she saw it! A little gasp came from her mouth and then she said, “That’s… that’s…that’s! That’s your wife! Look! There she is! She’s licking that guys cock and that other guy has got his dick in her cunt!”

My young guest now had her legs uncrossed and was rubbing the inside of her thigh while we looked at the spread of pictures of my whorish wife. The next two pages had Roxanne dressed in only a short apron (nothing underneath). She was depicted in a scene where she was supposedly a typical housewife that was taking the garbage out. The pictures showed her bending over a trash can and looking directly at the camera with a surprised look on her face.

In the scene was a black man, dressed in overalls with a patch reading, “City Waste Division”. His hands were covered with heavy, soiled work gloves and he had one of them resting on Roxanne’s ass. He had a big smile on his face and was bending slightly as he stared at my wife’s naked cunt from behind.

The next picture showed Roxanne with both hands on the edge of the trash can, her head thrown back. The apron she was wearing, had been untied from around her waist and was hanging from her neck into the metal can. Her big tits were hanging and pointing into the can. The black garbage man had one of his gloved hands around Roxanne’s left tit and the other glove was between her legs form the rear.

The next shot showed the man with his pants around his ankles and a huge, shinny black cock aiming right at my wife’s bare cunt! The following three pictures showed my lovely Roxanne getting fucked from the rear by the black man. In the first shot, the man had just inserted his big cock into her red haired twat. The next one showed the black cock half way into the wet cunt. The man had both of Roxanne’s tits in his gloves and had a look of pain on his face.

The final shot in that series was really kinky! Roxanne had her entire upper torso bent over and into the garbage can! Her ass was sticking up in the air, the black guy was holding her waist and had his cock buried in her twat!

Cindy was really hot by then. She hand a hand up her skirt and I was kneading her fabulous tits under her tee-shirt.

She stared at the page of the magazine and said, “Oh Shit! Look! She’s all the way in that garbage can and that black guy has got his whole, big, dick in your wife’s cunt!”

She laid the book in her lap and unzipped my fly. Her hand went in and wrapped around my hard-on. She pulled my cock out, squeezed and said, “Fuck me with this big cock. OH! Fuck me now!”

She got up on the couch on her hands and knees. I lowered my pants and pushed her tiny skirt up over her tight, young ass. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and her big, ripe titties had fallen out from under her shirt. I got on my knees behind her and picked up the fuck mag we had been looking at. I reached around Cindy, laid the magazine on the arm of the couch, and reopened it to the rest of the pictures of my wife.

I had my hard-on laying in the crack between the teenage girls hot ass cheeks and she sliding back and forth under my stiff cock saying, “Fuck! I don’t believe that’s your wife, but it is! Look! Now she’s getting fucked by that older guy! And look! He’s creamed all over her ass and cunt!”

Cindy was panting and said, “Come On! Fuck me! I’m ready, fuck me now!”

I moved my cock down to her slippery, young twat and asked, “But what about your boy friend? Isn’t he waiting for you?”

She pushed her ass back at me and yelled, “Fuck me! I don’t care! I want you to fuck me with your big cock!”

I slowly pushed into the teens hot, tight pussy and said, “Oh yes baby! Your cunt is so fucking nice!”

Soon, I was fucking the girl with full length strokes and looking over her shoulder at the pornographic pictures of my wife.

She began humping back against me and said, “UM! OH! OH! YES! FUCK!”

I was slamming into the steaming, young twat and fingering her asshole in rhythm when my balls erupted into her with hot jism. Cindy screamed out in her orgasm and fell forward on the couch. We cleaned up our cum covered organs and had a drink while we looked at some of the other slutty women in the magazine.

I asked my teenage nymph, “Cindy, honey? Would you do me one favor before you leave?”

She softly replied, “Oh yes, anything.”

I said, “Roxanne, my wife, will be coming home soon. I was wondering if when she opened the door she could see me fucking your beautiful cunt like she did the first time we screwed.”

Cindy said, “Are you sure!? You want your wife to find us fucking again?”

I gently lifted one of the girls large tits and said, “Yes. Roxanne doesn’t know that I’ve seen her in the latest issue of this fuck mag yet. I want to surprise her with a sex scene of my own. She won’t mind this time. She’s fucked too many other men to care about who I fuck anymore.”

Cindy agreed to my request and about 5 minutes before my wife’s usual arrival time, I positioned my teen cunt behind the couch. Now our couch faces the front door, so I got behind my sexy, little Cindy’s tight ass (we had both stripped) and put my stiff dick at the opening to her cunt. She was wanting me to fuck her again but I asked her to hold on for just a few minutes.

Roxanne walked in the front door and I slid my dick up inside Cindy’s hot pussy. I massaged her firm melons under her arms and began pumping in and out of her creamy cunt. While I fucked the hard bodied teen, I looked at Roxanne and said, “Oh! Hi dear! Cindy and I have been looking at the new issue of “Tits & Twats. We got so hot seeing you getting fucked by all those men that we couldn’t help ourselves. This is the second time today that Cindy here has had my cock in her sweet twat!”

Roxanne stared at us for a minute and then turned back to the open door. She waved her hand and in came Larry, the maintenance man!

Larry closed the door behind him and my wife immediately unzipped his fly…


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